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一位幸运的女孩 A Lucky Girl2017-07-15
Lily is ten years old and everybody likes her, because she is very nice and always has smile in her face.
我为什么要努力学习 Why Should I Study Hard2017-07-14
After I go to school, teachers always tell me to study hard, so that I can be the excellent student. But now I have grown up, I have my own idea.
暑假计划 Summer Vacation Plan2017-07-13
The summer vacation is coming soon, and I feel so excited. It is time to make some plans for the long time.
一位坚强的女孩 A Strong Girl2017-07-12
A girl who lives next to me never talks to me, because we don't know each other. My mother tells me that the girl goes to the same school with me, but she is ill and has to leave school for a year.
生日派对 Birthday Party2017-07-11
Today was my friends birthday, and I was invited to her birthday party. The party was so great and the theme was red color. I saw many pictures of Hello Kitty.
我许了一个愿望 I Make a Wish2017-07-10
Today, I went hiking with my friends. When we reached the top, I look around the scenery and found a temple. There were so many people there, and we could make a wish to the buddha.
修好的玩具 The Fixed Toy2017-07-09
My father buys me a Barbie doll as my birthday present and I like it so much. Owning a Barbie doll is every little girls dream. It provides them the dream to be a princess.
妈妈的话 Mother's Words2017-07-08
My mother likes to babble and I am very annoyed about it, so I will turn my deaf ears to her and will not follow her words.
节日的意义 The Meaning of Festival2017-07-07
When festival comes, I will be very excited, because the family gets together and I can see my cousins. As I am the only child in my family, my cousins and I are very close.
我想学会游泳 I Want to Learn Swimming2017-07-06
I like swimming and I admire those people can swim in the water just like fish. But it is hard for me to learn it well. I have tried to learn it many times.
我的新生活 My New Life2017-07-05
As my summer vacation is over, I have to say goodbye to my hometown life and the friends there. I need to put my attention on my study.
快乐的时刻 The Happy Moment2017-07-04
Today, when the class is over, my friends and I dont go home and we decide to eat outside. We choose a restaurant that is buffet.
打扫卫生 Cleaning Day2017-07-03
When I am going to watch TV in Sunday morning, my mother asks me to do the cleaning. I never do it before. I dont know why my mother asks me to do it suddenly.
我的弟弟 My Brother2017-07-02
I have a brother. When he was born, I am not happy at first, because my parents get less attention on me.
一只流浪猫 A Stray Cat2017-07-01
I go for a walk after dinner with my father. When I am on my way home, I find a stray cat near my house. I give some bread to it, which is my breakfast.
闪亮的星星 Shining Stars2017-05-22
As the summer comes, I will go back to my hometown and spend some time with my grandparents.
公园里的鱼儿 Fish In the Park2017-05-21
Today, I went to the park with my parents. I saw monkey, giraffe and so on. When we took a break in the lake, I saw a lot of goldfish in the lake.
附近的河 The River Near My House2017-05-20
There is a river near my house. As the water is so clear, a lot of people like to go swimming when summer comes. Even though it is not deep, still accident happens every year.
我最爱的人 My Favorite Person2017-05-19
My grandma is my favorite person. I spend most of the time with her. My parents are very busy, so before I go to primary school, I stay in the hometown with my grandma.
我想去的地方 The Place I Want to Go2017-05-18
I like watching TV series, especially theose about the dynasty, because I am attracted by the grand building. The Forbidden City is always showed in the TV.
一本好的书 A Good Book2017-05-17
Last week, I got a book from my best friend as my birthday present. The book is well packed and I like it so much. When I have time, I start to read it, which tells me an attractive story.
一本好的书 A Good Book2017-05-16
Last week, I got a book from my best friend as my birthday present. The book is well packed and I like it so much. When I have time, I start to read it, which tells me an attractive story.
一个小男孩的心愿 A Little Boy's Wish2017-05-15
When Daniel was born, he got sick and there is not much time for him. But Daniel is a positive boy. He enjoys every moment and he wants to do all the things he can.
我可爱的家人 My Lovely Family2017-04-27
There are four people in my family. They are my parents, my little brother and I.
善意的谎言 The White Lie2017-04-26
We are always educated that telling lies is not good, and we should be honest. Indeed, we should not lie to our parents, but sometimes the white lie works better than honest.
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