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看明星推特学英文 第305期:全宇宙中最棒的祝福2017-11-19
Biggest blessing in the galaxy! #HappyMothersDay to all of you goddesses that make the world go round
看明星推特学英文 第304期:MV喔2017-11-19
看明星推特学英文 第303期:在打开像这样的东西时2017-11-18
Be careful opening those things.在打开像这样的东西时,记得要小心喔.
看明星推特学英文 第301期:很不要脸的来自己宣传2017-11-18
Shameless Self-promotion! Beware! Major Hanx Writer announcement coming tomorrow. Hanx
看明星推特学英文 第300期:CNN不要光看书的封面就妄下评判2017-11-17
cnn dont judge a book by its cover
看明星推特学英文 第299期:妮可基嫚向我透漏她2017-11-17
Nicole Kidman revealed to me how she made it to 49 without learning how to clap.
看明星推特学英文 第298期:美国红鼻子日慈善活动2017-11-16
Our foundation will match up to $1 million in donations to @RedNoseDayUSA.
看明星推特学英文 第297期:母亲节快乐2017-11-16
Motherhood Its not always biological. Happy Mothers Day to every kind of mother out there!!!!! #loveislove
看明星推特学英文 第296期:今早使用我的2017-11-15
Getting ready this morning using my #VBxEsteeLauder collection! X VB
看明星推特学英文 第295期:North被下令反省时2017-11-15
That time North gets a time out &is a little too quiet...I go in her room 2check on her &she made her own spa &tells me shes chilling out ?
看明星推特学英文 第294期:非常荣幸与这演员阵容一起工作2017-11-14
It was a privilege working with this cast. I cant wait for you guys to see @TheMummy.
看明星推特学英文 第293期:谁把我的梳子拿走了2017-11-14
An hour later. Who took my brush? 1小时之后,谁把我的梳子拿走了?
看明星推特学英文 第292期:老师让这个世界成为更好的地方2017-11-13
Happy #NationalTeachersDay! Teachers make the world a better place. They also make the best guests on my show.
看明星推特学英文 第291期:现在来拿我6月演唱会的票吧2017-11-13
Japan!! Get your tickets now to see my shows in June! 日本! !现在来拿我6月演唱会的票吧!
看明星推特学英文 第290期:那将会是很棒的专辑名称2017-11-12
Happy birthday, @Adele! 29. You know, that would make a great title for an album.
看明星推特学英文 第289期:你只要必须提醒自己2017-11-12
You just have to remind yourself...what you have to live for 你只要必须提醒自己... 你必须为了什麽而活. You just have to remind yourself...what you have to live for 你只要必须提醒自己... 你必须为了什麽而活.
看明星推特学英文 第288期:我最亲爱的宝贝2017-11-11
看明星推特学英文 第271期:这台热水器渡过它生命中最棒的一天2017-11-11
看明星推特学英文 第270期:虽然这两个赛季也有在网球场上过2017-11-10
看明星推特学英文 第269期:好爱最新款的BMWi跑车2017-11-10
看明星推特学英文 第268期:我进到伊吉普的房间时2017-11-09
I go into his room this morning & Egypt already picked out his clothes for the day. Feelin him!
看明星推特学英文 第267期:《名利场》西班牙版2017-11-09
Inside the pages of Vanity Fair Spain April Issue
看明星推特学英文 第266期:应该不曾在雨中跳舞过吧2017-11-08
Anyone that thinks that sunshine is pure happiness, has never danced in the rain
看明星推特学英文 第265期:当你正在看你最喜欢的电视节目2017-11-08
When youre trying to watch your favorite show, and someone keeps talking to you.
看明星推特学英文 第264期:像矮精灵一样幸运2017-11-07
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