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PBS,全称:Public Broadcasting Service,(美国公共电视网,也称公共广播协会或美国公共电视台),是美国的一个公共电视机构,由354个加盟电视台组成,成立于1969年,总部位于维吉尼亚州阿灵顿县;旨在运用非商业电视、因特网与其它媒体所提供的高质量节目与教育服务,去丰富人民生活,并达到媒体告知(inform)、启发(inspire)与愉悦(delight)的社会责任。
PBS高端访谈:Where Bernie Sanders sees bipartisan middle ground on health care2017-07-20
Will Democrats have a seat at the table now that the Republican push on health care has collapsed? Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., joins Judy Woodruff to discuss what went wrong and the possible path ahead on health care reform.
PBS高端访谈:What will happen to the Iran nuclear deal under Trump?2017-07-20
New sanctions were slapped on individuals and groups tied to Iran's ballistic missile program, hours after the State Department again certified that Iran is complying with the nuclear deal struck two years ago. William Brangham speaks with chief foreign affairs correspondent Margaret Warner and Nick Schifrin about the schism within the Trump administration about Iran and the nuclear deal.
PBS高端访谈:At first denied U.S. entry, Afghan girls' robotics team shows the world what they can do2017-07-20
An all-girls team from Afghanistan finally reached the U.S. to participate in a robotics competition. Their visas were denied twice by American officials until public pushback prompted President Trump to intervene. Special correspondent Kavitha Cardoza talks with some of the girls and Jeffrey Brown discusses how their story plays into wider immigration questions with Alan Gomez of USA Today.
PBS高端访谈:News Wrap: Another person with Russia link reportedly attended Trump Jr. meeting2017-07-20
In the our news wrap Tuesday, an eighth person was present during Donald Trump Jr.’s meeting in June 2016 with a Russian lawyer. The Washington Post and other outlets identified the person as Ike Kaveladze, who works for the Russian real estate developer whose son suggested the meeting. Also, Russian-backed separatists have proclaimed the formation of a new state in Eastern Ukraine.
PBS高端访谈:Drought and famine threaten life for nomadic Somali herders2017-07-20
Many regions in East Africa are at risk of famine for the third time in 25 years. Twenty million people in the war-torn countries of Yemen, South Sudan and Somalia, as well as drought-stricken neighbors like Ethiopia are at risk. Special correspondent Fred de Sam Lazaro reports from Somaliland, a breakaway region of Somalia, on the crisis and relief efforts.
PBS高端访谈:Artist puts time in perspective by painting sun's rise and fall2017-07-20
The sun will rise in the morning, no matter what happens. That idea was the inspiration for Swiss artist Nicolas Party, who painted a new mural directly onto the walls of the Hirshhorn Museum for his exhibit Sunrise, Sunset.
PBS高端访谈:Trump's historically low approval ratings could spell trouble for Republicans2017-07-20
A round of new polls show historically low support for President Trump has slipped further since the spring. Amy Walter of The Cook Political Report and Tamara Keith of NPR join Judy Woodruff to discuss the president’s numbers, and how Americans see the Senate Republicans’ fight over the health care bill.
PBS高端访谈:Ivanka Trump products are not made in America2017-07-20
It's Made in America week at the White House, but President Trump's effort to highlight U.S. manufacturing has sparked questions about where Trump family products are produced. In fact, merchandise sold by the Trump Organization or sold through Ivanka Trump's fashion line is all made overseas. John Yang learns more from Matea Gold of The Washington Post.
PBS高端访谈:The sticking points keeping the GOP health care bill in limbo2017-07-20
The vote on the Senate Republican health care bill has been delayed, but the behind-the-scenes battle continues. What key questions could help decide the bill’s fate? Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel of the University of Pennsylvania and Avik Roy of the Foundation for Research on Equal Opportunity join Judy Woodruff to debate different aspects of the proposed legislation.
PBS高端访谈:Remembering George Romero, 77, filmmaker who brought the undead to life2017-07-20
Filmmaker George Romero has died at the age of 77. His cult classic Night of the Living Dead, made for $100,000 in 1968, launched the modern zombie industry and countless imitators. But Romero's zombie flicks also offered him a platform for social commentary about American culture, racism, paranoia and consumerism. Jeffrey Brown discusses his life with Justin Chang of the Los Angeles Times.
PBS高端访谈:The government is paying billions to shipbuilders with histories of safety lapses2017-07-20
The U.S. shipbuilding industry continues to win billions of dollars in contracts to build Navy and Coast Guard vessels, despite serious safety lapses that have endangered and killed workers. From Reveal at the Center for Investigative Reporting, special correspondent Aubrey Aden-Buie reports
PBS高端访谈:Russia presses U.S. for return of seized compounds2017-07-20
Russia is stepping up pressure on the United States to regain two diplomatic compounds in New York and Maryland after they were seized during the Obama administration in response to Russian meddling in the 2016 election. Nick Schifrin joins Judy Woodruff for more.
PBS高端访谈:Mosul left in rubble, crews search for bodies of family members2017-07-20
Mosul's old city is a scene of utter devastation. Although Mosul has been liberated, the fight continues in some pockets. Entire neighborhoods have been flattened by coalition airstrikes in the battle against the Islamic State, leaving few survivors to search for remains of family members. Special correspondent Marcia Biggs and videographer Alessandro Pavone report on the human toll.
PBS高端访谈:News Wrap: Princeton grad student sentenced to 10 years in Iran2017-07-20
In the our news wrap Monday, officials at Princeton University insisted that a Chinese-American grad student who was jailed in Iran is innocent. Iranian courts announced Sunday that Xiyue Wang was sentenced to 10 years in prison for spying. Also, a Jordanian soldier was sentenced to life in prison for killing three U.S. Army green berets at a military base.
PBS高端访谈:After Congress steps in, Puerto Rico reignites statehood debate2017-07-20
Following a series of defaults on payments toward billions of dollars worth of debt, Congress last year passed a law giving a federal financial board oversight on Puerto Rico’s budget.
PBS高端访谈:Russia developments have little effect on Trump’s base2017-07-20
A new Washington Post-ABC news poll shows 60 percent of Americans believe Russia tried to influence last year’s election and 41 percent believe the Trump campaign intentionally aided those efforts.
PBS高端访谈:Governors from both parties wary of GOP health care plan2017-07-20
At the National Governors Association’s summer meeting in Providence, Rhode Island, there was bipartisan resistance to the Republican healthcare plan, which threatens to cut federal Medicaid subsidies. Washington Post reporter Sean Sullivan, who attended the gathering, joins Hari Sreenivasan from Washington.
PBS高端访谈:In Russia, opposition grows as fear of the state fades2017-07-17
While Russian President Vladimir Putin is expected to seek a fourth term next year, the country’s largest anti-government movement in recent history continues to grow. For the final installment of NewsHour’s six-part series Inside Putin’s Russia, special correspondent Nick Shifrin reports on the movement and one of its main leaders.
PBS高端访谈:Airport face scans raise privacy concerns2017-07-17
The Department of Homeland Security is scanning the faces of passengers on international flights at six airports in an attempt to catch immigrants overstaying their visas.
PBS高端访谈:Turkey continues crackdown one year after failed coup2017-07-17
It has been one year since renegade soldiers in Turkey attempted a failed coup to oust President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.
PBS高端访谈:What Russians think about Trump and the U.S.2017-07-16
There may be no more consequential relationship for the U.S. than with Russia. As part of our week-long series Inside Putin's Russia, special correspondent Nick Schifrin and producer Zach Fannin report in collaboration with the Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting on how Russians perceive the U.S. and how the relationship between the two world powers has evolved under Trump.
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