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科学美国人:This Cell Phone Needs No Battery2017-07-17
An experimental cell phone works by absorbing and reflecting radio wavesmdash;meaning it's incredibly energy efficient and needs no battery. Christopher Intagliata reports.
科学美国人:Bacteria Might Share the Blame for Eczema2017-07-09
In patients with severe eczema, Staphylococcus aureus strains dominated the skin microbe populationmdash;suggesting that certain types of bacteria could worsen eczema flares. Christopher Intagliata reports.
科学美国人:Beer Marinade Cuts Grilling Carcinogens2017-07-03
Carcinogens that form when grilling meat were lowered up to 50 percent in pork chops marinated in beer versus those left unmarinated. Christopher Intagliata reports
科学美国人:Heat Will Hit America's Poorest Worst2017-07-03
Economists calculate that each degree Celsius of warming will dock the U.S. economy by 1.2 percent--and increase the divide between rich and poor. Christopher Intagliata reports.
科学美国人:Rainbow Photons Pack More Computing Power2017-07-01
Quantum bits, aka qubits, can simultaneously encode 0 and 1. But multi-colored photons could enable even more states to exist at the same time, ramping up computing power. Christopher Intagliata reports.
科学美国人:Moths Inspire Better Smartphone Screens2017-06-28
Researchers designed an anti-reflective coating for smartphone screens, with inspiration from the bumpy eyes of moths. Christopher Intagliata reports.
科学美国人:Better Memory Begets Boredom2017-06-25
The better study participants scored in the memory test, the faster they got bored. Karen Hopkin reports.
科学美国人:Keep Rolling Luggage Upright with Physics2017-06-25
A team of physicists has revealed why rolling suitcases start rocking from wheel to wheelmdash;and how to avoid that frustrating phenomenon. Christopher Intagliata reports.
科学美国人:DNA Points to Multiple Migrations into the Americas2017-06-25
DNA analysis of skeletons found in the Pacific Northwest backs up traditional oral histories, and suggests there could have been more than one colonization of the Americas. Emily Schwing reports.
科学美国人:Wolves Need More Room to Roam2017-06-22
Ecologists say wolves should be allowed to roam beyond remote wilderness areasmdash;and that by scaring off smaller predators like coyotes and jackals, wolves might do a good service too. Emily Schwing reports.
科学美国人:Engineers Build Bendy Batteries for Wearables2017-06-21
Researchers built silverndash;zinc batteries that can bend and stretchmdash;meaning they could be more elegantly integrated into future wearable devices. Christopher Intagliata reports.
科学美国人:Rising Temps Lower Polar Bear Mercury Intake2017-06-20
As polar bears are forced onto land, they're feeding on animals with less mercurymdash;reducing their levels of the toxic pollutant. Christopher Intagliata reports.
科学美国人:Opioids Still Needed by Some Pain Patients2017-06-20
The quot;other victimsquot; of the opioid epidemic are pain patients who need the drugs but cannot now get them because of fears related to their use
科学美国人:Some Hotel Bed Bug Sightings May Be Bogus2017-06-20
Only a third of travelers could correctly identify a bed bugmdash;suggesting that some bug sightings in online reviews could be cases of mistaken identity. Christopher Intagliata reports.
科学美国人:Bacterially Boosted Mosquitoes Could Vex Viruses2017-06-20
Mosquitoes infected with Wolbachia bacteria are unable to transmit viruses to humansmdash;and could curb the spread of viral disease. Karen Hopkin reports.
科学美国人:Chromosomes Combat Counterfeit Caviar2017-06-20
Researchers found unique genetic variants that differentiate costly beluga caviar from cheaper fakes that rip off consumers. Christopher Intagliata reports
科学美国人:French Prez Invites Trumped Researchers2017-06-19
New French President Emmanual Macron reacted to the U.S. withdrawal from the Paris Climate Agreement by inviting disaffected U.S. researchers to make France quot;a second homelandquot;
科学美国人:Alaska Accelerates Indoor Agriculture2017-06-19
With 700 new greenhouses, Alaska is growing its own produce as deep into winter as the sun keeps rising
科学美国人:Former CDC Head Warns of Threats Biological and Political2017-06-19
Tom Frieden, head of the CDC from 2009 to 2017, told graduating medical students that we face challenges from pathogens, and from politicians.
科学美国人:Trees Beat Lawns for Water-Hungry L.A.2017-06-19
Evaporation from overwatered lawns cost the city of Los Angeles 70 billion gallons of wasted water a year. But the city's trees were much thriftier. Christopher Intagliata reports.
科学美国人:Fitness Bands Fail on Calorie Counts2017-06-19
Activity trackers accurately reckon heart ratemdash;but they're way off in estimates of energy expenditure. Christopher Intagliata reports.
科学美国人:New Concrete Recipes Could Cut Cracks2017-05-20
Recipes for concrete that incorporate byproducts from the coal and steel industries, like fly ash and slag, could reduce road-salt related cracking. Christopher Intagliata reports.
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