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科学美国人:People Think Experiences Bring Happiness, Still Opt for Things2017-11-20
Survey subjects rated life experiences as making them happier and as a better use of money than buying objects. But they actually spent their cash on material goods, whose value is more easily quantifiable. Erika Beras reports
科学美国人:Keurig Coffee Drinkers Hack Back2017-11-20
Users of the K-cup coffee companyrsquo;s products have counterattacked against its efforts to restrict the brands that their new machines can brew. Larry Greenemeier reports
科学美国人:Track Cosmic Rays with Smartphone App2017-11-20
Take part in a citizen-science project by helping researchers track high-energy cosmic rays via a network of smartphone users. Clara Moskowitz reports
科学美国人:Ancient One-Percenters Were Beast Based2017-11-18
New World societies long ago likely had less income inequality than those in the Old World, and the difference might have been an oxen gap. Christopher Intagliata reports.
科学美国人:Facebook Puts Its Money Where Your Mouth Is2017-11-18
The social media behemoth buys voice-recognition start-up Wit.ai to prepare for the impending Internet of Things. Larry Greenemeier reports
科学美国人:Rival Space Internets Vie for Sky Pie2017-11-17
SpaceXrsquo;s Elon Musk and fellow tech mogel Greg Wyler both have plans for low Earth orbit satellite networks that could fill in many of the world's current gaps in Internet coverage. Larry Greenemeier reports
科学美国人:Humans on Mars Soonish Says NASA Bigwig2017-11-17
John Grunsfeld, the former astronaut who now heads NASArsquo;s Science Mission Directorate, thinks that traveling light could get people to Mars by the 2040s
科学美国人:Life Extension May Add Just Bad Time2017-11-17
Strains of the lab workhorse roundworm C. elegans that lived longer added more time being frail and had the same portion of their lives being healthy as normal worms. The work has implications for life-extension ideas such as caloric restriction. Dina Fine Maron reports
科学美国人:Feathers Help This Bird Sound the Alarm2017-11-17
The crested pigeon, found in Australia, has a modified wing feather that helps produce an alarm signal sound to warn other birds when there's trouble.
科学美国人:Put Space Cat On a Pedestal2017-11-17
A campaign calls for the creation of a statue to recognize Feacute;licette, the first cat to be sent into space.
科学美国人:Protected Areas Get Short Shrift2017-11-16
Protected land and sea areas serve the wildlife within them as well as the humans who live near them. But countries are backtracking on their financial commitments to these vital regions. Steve Mirsky reports
科学美国人:Insect Brain System Knows What You Want2017-11-14
Computer scientists borrowed insights from the fruit fly brain to create a more accurate search algorithm. Christopher Intagliata reports.
科学美国人:Polluted Water Whale Invents New Feeding Strategy2017-11-14
The Bryde's whale has come up with a passive but more efficient feeding strategy in the hypoxic waters of the Gulf of Thailand.
科学美国人:Nearby Exoplanets Invigorate the Search for E.T.2017-11-10
SETI pioneer Jill Tarter and Berkeley researcher Dan Werthimer talk about how the discovery of nearby exoplanets is inspiring new efforts to gain info about these galactic neighbors.
科学美国人:Bison Comeback Story Has a Bronx Accent2017-11-10
On National Bison Day, a look at the role the Bronx played in reestablishing herds of bison on the American plains.
科学美国人:Sheep's Face-Reading Skills Stand Out from the Flock2017-11-10
With some training, sheep were able to select a celebrity's face over that of a stranger they'd never seen. Christopher Intagliata reports.
科学美国人:Nearby Exoplanets Invigorate Search for E.T.2017-11-08
SETI pioneer Jill Tarter and Berkeley researcher Dan Werthimer talk about how the discovery of nearby exoplanets is inspiring new efforts to gain info about these galactic neighbors.
科学美国人:Mammoth Remains Seem Mostly Male2017-11-08
In a sample of 98 woolly mammoth remains, researchers found that 70 percent were malemdash;which suggests males were more likely to die accidentally. Christopher Intagliata reports.
科学美国人:Bison Comeback Story Has Bronx Accent2017-11-08
On National Bison Day, a look at the role the Bronx played in re-establishing herds of bison on the American Plains.
科学美国人:Physics Phenomenon Reveals A Pyramid's Mystery2017-11-04
Scientists used muons, a by-product of cosmic rays, to image the interior of the Great Pyramidmdash;and found a previously unknown space inside. Christopher Intagliata reports.
科学美国人:A Moth with a Potent Cocktail of Poison2017-11-04
The wood tiger moth is the first species known in which fluids from various parts of the mothrsquo;s body each target a different type of predator. Jason Goldman reports.
科学美国人:Drought News Might Help Cut Water Waste2017-10-31
As news coverage of California's most recent drought intensified, water use trends went downmdash;suggesting news might inspire consumers to conserve. Christopher Intagliata reports.
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