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权力的游戏:第592期:第二十七章 凯特琳(14)

That fight was over almost as soon as it began. 决斗才刚开始便告结束。 Brandon was a man grown, and he drove Littlefinger all the way across the bailey and down the water stair, raining steel on him with every step, until the boy was staggering and bleeding from a dozen wounds. 已经成年的布兰登逼得小指头节节后退,从城堡庭院一直退到临水阶梯,攻势猛烈,剑如雨下,打得那男孩脚步踉跄,浑身是伤。 Yield! he called, more than once, but Petyr would only shake his head and fight on, grimly. 快投降!他不止一次呼喊,但培提尔总是摇摇头,执拗地继续奋战。 When the river was lapping at their ankles, Brandon finally ended it, with a brutal backhand cut that bit through Petyr's rings and leather into the soft flesh below the ribs, so deep that Catelyn was certain that the wound was mortal. 最后在水深及踝的地方,布兰登终于做出了断,他反手一记猛烈的挥砍,穿透培提尔的护胸环甲和皮革,划破肋骨下方的柔软血肉,伤口之深,凯特琳以为必定致命。 He looked at her as he fell and murmured Cat as the bright blood came flowing out between his mailed fingers. 他倒在血泊中,一边凝望着她,喃喃念着凯特,同时明艳的鲜血从他铁手套间汩汩涌出。 She thought she had forgotten that. 这一切,她以为自己早已遗忘。 That was the last time she had seen his face until the day she was brought before him in King's Landing. 那是她最后一次见到他的脸庞…直到那天他们在君临重逢。 A fortnight passed before Littlefinger was strong enough to leave Riverrun, but her lord father forbade her to visit him in the tower where he lay abed. 小指头足足休养了两个星期,才有体力离开奔流城,然而她的父亲大人却禁止她到塔里的病房去探望。 Lysa helped their maester nurse him; she had been softer and shyer in those days. 是莱莎协助学士照顾他,当年的她温柔得多,也害羞得多。 Edmure had called on him as well, but Petyr had sent him away. 艾德慕也去探望过,然而培提尔不愿见他。 Her brother had acted as Brandon's squire at the duel, and Littlefinger would not forgive that. 弟弟在决斗中担任布兰登的助手,小指头说什么也不能原谅。 As soon as he was strong enough to be moved, Lord Hoster Tully sent Petyr Baelish away in a closed litter, to finish his healing on the Fingers, upon the windswept jut of rock where he'd been born. 待他体力稍稍恢复,霍斯特·徒利公爵便派人将培提尔·贝里席放进一个密闭小轿,将他抬回五指半岛强风呼啸的嶙峋巨岩,回到他的诞生地继续疗养。 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180313/541952.html