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商务英语口语每天三句半 商业实务 第225期:保险范围

6 保险范围 3句英文任你选 There are three basic covers, namely, Free from Particular Average, With Particular Average and All Risks. 主要条款有平安险、水渍险及综合险 3种。 We are able to cover all kinds of risks for transportation by sea, land and air. 我们可以办理海运、陆运及空运的所有险别。 We can serve you with a broad range of coverage against all kinds of risks for sea transport, such as FPA, WPA, All Risks and Extraneous Risks. 我们可以承保海洋运输的所有险别,例如平安险、水渍险、综合险、附加险。 半个句型要记牢 such as (比如;诸如……) Tip: such as用法很多,此处表示举例,意为"例如,诸如此类的,像……那样的"相当于 like或 for example。如: There are few poets such as Keats and Shelly. (像济慈和雪莱这样的诗人现在很少了。) 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180214/536959.html