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商务礼节美语 第198期:Getting Out of Debt 还清债务(下)

Jane向上司Vincent和财务专家Anna请教,如何才能摆脱信用卡债务。Anna建议说: A: You have to freeze everything and reevaluate your position. Figure out exactly - to the dollar - how much you owe and who you owe it to. J: How can I get the credit card companies to stop calling me a hundred times a day? V: (Chuckles) They can be quite persistent, can't they? A: They need to be convinced that you're serious about getting your finances in order. You will probably need to go down and speak with a bank representative. V: Your bank should be willing to reduce your debt if you can work out a repayment schedule. Anna建议Jane "freeze everything and reevaluate your position", 冻结一切财务活动,对现状重新评估,看自己到底欠谁钱、欠多少钱。 要想让信用卡公司别没完没了地打电话催债,stop calling me a hundred times a day, 就要让他们相信,你真心想把债务付清,get the finances in order。 Anna还建议Jane去找银行,work out a repayment schedule,就如何分期分批还清债务达成协议。 J: I think I made a bad decision with my car as well. I chose the five-year payment plan, but with the interest, it's actually much more expensive than the three-year plan. A: It's very important that you do the math before you sign any papers. Can I be blunt with you? J: Yes. I can take it. A: You can't be financially healthy if you're lazy. Many people make really bad decisions just because they're too lazy to really figure it out. V: I'm sure guilty of that. J: Yes. I agree. I'm going to start paying better attention. 没错,在任何贷款协议上签字之前一定要do the math,把帐算清楚。Anna说,很多人在财务上犯错误都是因为懒得去算这笔帐。Vincent承认,他就是这样的人,I am sure guilty of that. 言归正传,Anna要还清债务,具体有哪些步骤呢? V: So let's see if I can summarize the plan. One: Stop spending. Two: Talk to the banks and work out a deal... and three: Pay closer attention to the fine print. A: That's pretty much it. Becoming a financially healthy person is possible, but it takes exercise. J: So basically my brain needs to go to the gym. A & V: (mild chuckle) J: Thank you both very much. I appreciate your good counsel. 第一:不能再随便花钱。第二:跟银行谈,work out a deal设法达成还钱的协议。第三:以后务必注意财务协议的细则。Anna打比方说,要做一个财务上的健康人是可能的,但需要练习。 Jane也开玩笑,说要让自己的大脑去健身房去锻炼。 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180214/536897.html