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[by:www.Tingvoa.com - VOA英语网] [00:00.00]如果你喜欢voa英语网(www.Tingvoa.com),请介绍给更多的同学哦 [00:00.10]UNIT ONE I may win a prize [00:05.59]Let's read [00:09.72]Peter,Anne,Sue and Ken went to the Honey Lake Amusement Park last Sunday. [00:17.08]Peter's father took them there. [00:21.03]Just inside the park, there was a "Try Your Strength"machine. [00:27.87]Peter tried his strength. [00:31.40]"I may win a prize,"he said. [00:36.47]He pulled the lever on the machine. [00:40.52]Nothing happened."It may be broken."Peter said. [00:47.39]Peter's father laughed. [00:51.04]"I'm stronger than you.I'll try." [00:57.50]He pulled the lever and a bell rang. [01:02.35]He was very strong. [01:05.83]The children walked round the amusement park. [01:10.50]They came to the roller coaster. [01:14.27]"Let's all have a rode on the roler-coaster,"Peter said. [01:20.33]Sue shook her bead. [01:23.77]"Ken may be sick,"she said. [01:27.90]"I'll stay with him here." [01:31.77]"I shan't be sick,"Ken said. [01:36.42]They all went on the roller coaster. [01:40.57]It went up and down,up and down. [01:45.74]"I'm going to be sick,"Ken said. [01:51.31]And he was! [01:54.18]Fun time [01:58.44]Ask and answer the question [02:02.28]"What will you be when you grow up?"round the class. [02:07.74]Try to have different answers each time. [02:12.49]1.Benny,what will you be when you grow up? [02:18.66]I may be a sailor. [02:22.92]2.Jane,what will you be when you grow up? [02:30.07]I may be a teacher. [02:33.52]Denis Dragon [02:37.88]What's the matter, Denis? [02:41.23]I don't know.I feel very ill. [02:46.69]My tail hurts and I'm very cold. [02:52.64]You may have a dragon fever. [02:56.72]Do you want a doctor? [03:00.24]Not yet.I may be better tomorrow. [03:05.39]Words and expressions [03:10.96]prize [03:12.99]n.奖品 [03:15.03]honey [03:16.77]n.蜜,蜜糖 [03:18.50]the Honey Lake [03:20.87]香蜜湖 [03:23.23]amusement [03:25.45]n.娱乐,消;娱乐活动 [03:27.67]the Honey Lake Amusemeht Park [03:31.15]香蜜湖娱乐场 [03:34.62]strength [03:36.45]n.力,力量,力气 [03:38.28]lever [03:41.36]n.杆;杠杆 [03:44.44]machine [03:46.51]n.机器 [03:48.57]nothing [03:50.50]n.&pron.没有东西,没有什么 [03:52.44]ring (rang rung) [03:56.26]v.(钟、铃)响,鸣 [04:00.09]round [04:02.08]ad.&pron.围绕;在周围 [04:04.06]roller [04:05.94]n.滚动的东西 [04:07.82]coaster [04:09.74]n.滑坡的车 [04:11.66]roller-coaster [04:14.09]滑行铁道 [04:16.52]tailor [04:18.30]n.裁缝;成衣商 [04:20.08]builder [04:21.90]n.建筑工人,建设者 [04:23.73]engineer [04:25.21]n.工程师 [04:26.68]scientist [04:28.87]n.科学家 [04:31.05]chemist [04:33.03]n.药剂师;药品商;化学家;化学师 [04:35.02]clerk [04:37.94]n.职员,办事员;文书 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180213/536702.html