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商务英语口语每天三句半 商业实务 第223期:具体检验

4 具体检验 3句英文任你选 You can dispatch your representative to join the open-package inspection, if you like. 如果你方愿意的话,也可派代表参加开箱检查。 After the equipment has been transported to the job site, it must be carefully checked and inspected by our representative and China Commodity Inspection Bureau. 设备运到现场后,需经由我方代表和中国商检局进行详细检查。 During inspection, if shortages, defects or anything which doesn't conform with the contract, we will be entitled to claim from you. 在检查过程中,如果发现货物有短少、缺陷或任何与合同规定不符的情况,我方有权向你方提出索赔。 半个句型要记牢 conform with (符合;与……一致) Tip: conform表示"使遵守;使一致;使顺从常与介词 with,to搭配。 conform with意思是"符合;与……一致如 His ideas do not conform with mine. (他的想法跟我的不一致。),conform to意思是"遵守,依照,符合,顺应如 In order to be accepted for production , the design must conform to these rigid guidelines. (为了要让设计被接受后生产,务必遵守这些严格的指导方针。) 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180213/536670.html