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美国语文第五册 第213期:波士顿惨案(02)

Presently twelve or fifteen more, uttering the same CRIes, rushed from the south into King Street, 恰巧此时,十二或十五六个甚而更多的居民,从南边沿途哭喊着跑进国王大街, and so by the way of Cornhill towards Murray's barracks. 那是一条由康希尔路通往穆雷兵营的必经之路。 "Pray, soldiers, spare my life," CRIed a boy of twelve, whom they met. 士兵们迎头撞见一位十多岁孩子,“行行好,饶我一命,”那孩子苦苦哀求。 "No, no, I'll kill you all," answered one of them, and knocked him down with his cutlass. “废话,把你们杀个片甲不留!”一位士兵恶狠狠地说,说罢,挥动短刀将那孩子刺翻在地。 They abused and insulted several persons at their doors and others in the street; "running about like madmen in a fury," crying, "Fire!" 同时,他们肆意辱骂站在门口观望的几位居民,还有路边不多的行人,他们“像一群狂怒的疯子,到处奔跑,”士兵们不停地高喊“开火!” which seemed their watchword, and, “Where are they? Knock them down.” 看来这是当晚的行动暗号。他们狂妄地叫嚣,“暴徒在哪里?将他们打翻在地。” Their outrageous behavior occasioned the ringing of the bell at the head of King Street. 士兵们所到之处的暴虐行为,打破了波士顿冬夜的宁静,国王大街上的钟声遽然响起。 The citizens, whom the alarm set in motion, came out with canes and clubs; 由于素日处事温和的当地市政官员介入,加上克里斯普斯·阿塔克斯与一些人士的鼓动, and, partly by the interference of well-disposed officers, partly by the courage of CRIspus Attucks, a mulatto, 极为警觉的市民们纷纷拿着棍棒聚集街上,那位克里斯普斯为当地一位黑白混血居民。 and some others, the fray at the barracks was soon over. Of the citizens, 那时,发生在兵营里的骚乱很快结束,有些胆小的市民叫道, the prudent shouted, "Home! home!" others, it is said, cried out, "Huzza for the main guard! there is the nest;" “回家吧!大家回家吧!”据说,现场也有些人高叫,“我们要去英军驻防军总部!那才是他们的老窝。” but the main guard was not molested the whole evening. 然而,整整一晚,驻防军总部相安无事。 A body of soldiers came up Royal Exchange Lane, crying, “Where are the cowards?” and, brandishing their arms, passed through King Street. 一群士兵抵达皇家兑换巷,他们不停叫着,“那些胆小鬼暴徒呢?”士兵们挥舞着手中武器,耀武扬威地走过国王大街。 From ten to twenty boys came after them, asking, “Where are they? where are they?” 大约十到二十来位少年随后跑来。“那些士兵呢?他们去哪里了?” 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180213/536577.html