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[by:www.Tingvoa.com - VOA英语网] [00:00.00]如果你喜欢voa英语网(www.Tingvoa.com),请介绍给更多的同学哦 [00:00.10]UNIT THREE You can never please them [00:05.59]Let's read [00:09.95]Peter met Anne in the street. [00:14.11]"You look very miserable,"Peter said. [00:19.07]What's the matter? [00:22.13]"My mother doesn't let me have any piano lessons,"Anne said. [00:28.00]Peter laughed, [00:31.06]"My mother makes me have piano lessons but she doesn't let me play football." [00:39.00]"And my mother wants me to join the singing group!"Anne said. [00:44.96]The children's mothers are friends. [00:49.08]They often meet for lunch. [00:52.53]"We'll talk to them both at lunch time." Peter said. [00:57.89]"They're going to have lunch together at the Sun and Moon Flowers Restaurant." [01:04.55]The children went to the resturant at twelve o'clock. [01:09.51]Their mothers were there. [01:12.67]They went up and said hello to them. [01:16.62]Then Peter said, "Please don't make me have piano lessons.Let me play football." [01:25.16]"Please don't make me join the singing group,"Anne said. [01:30.23]"Let me have piano lessons." [01:34.35]The two mothers looked at each other. [01:38.30]Then they laughed and said,"You can never please them." [01:44.54]Act out these short conversations on pairs. [01:51.10]It's too late. [01:54.36]You must go to bed now. [01:58.13]Please don't make me go to bed. [02:02.57]Let me read for an hour. [02:06.12]Denis Dragon [02:10.38]You're back!How's your mother? [02:17.53]Much better.Thank you. [02:21.30]We made her go to hospital. [02:25.14]The doctor let her come home today. [02:29.37]I'm very glad to hear that. [02:33.42]A poem [02:37.26]Let me stay a little, Let me play a little,You know I shan't offend. [02:46.61]I'll make you laugh,I'll make you smile,I'll always be your friend. [02:55.15]Words and expressions [02:58.91]miserable [03:00.73]a.可怜的;痛苦的;使人难受的 [03:02.54]join [03:04.36]v.参加;作......的成员 [03:06.17]let sb.do sth. [03:09.40]让某人做某事 [03:12.63]make sb.do sth. [03:15.76]使某人做某事 [03:18.90]together [03:20.82]ad.在一起 [03:22.74]singing group [03:24.96]歌咏组 [03:27.18]restaurant [03:29.31]n.餐馆,饭馆 [03:31.44]go up [03:33.37]走过去 [03:35.30]say hello to sb. [03:38.03]向某人问好 [03:40.76]cabbage [03:42.68]n.卷心菜 [03:44.60]dentist [03:46.64]n.牙科医生 [03:48.68]miss [03:50.35]v.省去,遗漏 [03:52.02]stay up late [03:54.45]熬夜 [03:56.88]glad [03:58.62]a.高兴的 [04:00.35]offend [04:02.27]v.使......不舒服;伤害......感情 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20180212/536439.html