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生活大爆炸(The Big Bang Theory) 第10季 第15集 第09期

结果上面写的是"星期囧" and it says "Flerbsday." 写的是"星期二" It says "Tuesday." 这怎么可能是"二" How is that a "T"?! 我很肯定奶没变质 但如果你担心 I'm sure it's fine, but if you're worried, 冰箱里还有新的 there's extra milk in the freezer. 好的好的 Okay, yes, 为了万无一失 I will err on the side of caution 我就解冻新的吧 and defrost a fresh batch. 你白白浪费了一瓶没变质的奶 You're wasting perfectly good milk. -好 那你喝了它 -奶而已我怕什么 - Fine, you drink it. - It's just milk. 斯图尔特 不准你喝老娘的奶 Stuart, don't you drink my milk! 给我 Okay, give- 你俩到底能不能搞定 Can you guys handle this or not? 我们当然能搞定 Oh, of course we can. 你们几个姑娘玩得开心点 Uh, you girls have a good time. 她说这里我说了算 She said I was in charge. 所以我们就这么把这瓶奶倒了吗 So we just throw this away? 不然还能怎么办 What else are you gonna do with it? 加在咖啡里吗 Put it in your coffee? 我喝咖啡的确加奶啊 Well, I don't take it black. 好的 他写在板子上的全部内容都在这了 Okay. This is everything he had on the board. 我很肯定我们能补全这个理论 I'm sure we can figure the rest out. 好 All right. 你尽管开口打断我 Feel free to jump in. 我除了哼一声也没啥想法了 "Hmm" is all I got. 我们能做到 Oh, we can get this. 会不会是我把上下弄颠倒了 Is there any chance it's upside-down? 或许我们可以找其他理论物理学家来帮忙 Maybe we can find another theoretical physicist to help us. 这是机密研究项目 It's classified. 如果我们告诉其他人会惹上麻烦的 If we tell anyone, we'd get in trouble. 至少我想出了这个主意 还哼了一声 Hey, I came up with that and "Hmm." 你屁都没贡献 You haven't pitched anything. 接着琢磨吧 Just keep thinking. 我想到了 I got it. 你真的琢磨出来了吗 You really figured it out? 没有 No, 但只要我们让谢尔顿看到这堆鬼扯 but when we show this nonsense to Sheldon, 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20170717/The-Big-Bang-Theory-10-15-9.html