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生活大爆炸(The Big Bang Theory) 第10季 第15集 第08期

帮帮我们吧 Just help us out. 抱歉 我得继续研究这个火车头 Sorry. I need to work on this engine 这样我到铁路站场时才不会看起来像白痴 so when I get to the train yard I won't look foolish. 他居然担心自己看起来像白痴 He's worried about looking foolish. 这是何等讽刺啊 That's a Heapin' helpin' of irony right there. 拜托 你明知道自己不会放弃物理 Come on, you know you're not leaving physics. 你这一出到底是为哪般啊 Why are you doing this? 莱纳德 在理论物理的世界里 Leonard, in the world of theoretical physics, 永远得不到结论 无法证明的东西太多了 you never finish; so much is unprovable. 但在我学习那本铁路指南的时候 But when I was studying that railway guide, 是那么真实可触 是那么令人满足 it was so tangible and so satisfying 和我"咔"一声一拍即合 that something just clicked. 然后又"嗒"一声 Then it clacked. 然后"咔嗒 咔嗒" Then it clicked, then it clacked, "咔嗒 咔嗒" 火车来啦 click-clack clickety-clack, and here we are. 加州理工的幼儿园给你回复了吗 Did you hear anything back from the Caltech preschool? 还没 不过我们会申请很多其他幼儿园 Not yet, but we're gonna apply to a bunch of others 不会在一棵树上吊死 just to keep our options open. 够了 别再聊幼儿园的事了 Okay, stop that! No more preschool talk. 今晚的重点是玩得开心 Tonight is about having fun. 没什么比被你训更开心了 Nothing says fun like being scolded. 是拉杰 It's Raj. 一切都还好吗 Everything okay? 别担心 一切都好 Don't worry. Everything's fine. 把电话挂了 我们不需要帮助 Hang up! We don't need help. 我不需要你帮我决定 我们需不需要帮助 I don't need your help deciding when we need help! 拉杰 怎么了 Raj, what's going on? 是这样的 Yes, so, 我刚刚在帮哈雷热奶 I was just warming up some milk for Halley, 我觉得奶闻起来有点怪味 and I-I thought it smelled a little funky, 所以我看了你写在奶瓶上的日期 so I checked the date that you wrote on the bottle, 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20170717/The-Big-Bang-Theory-10-15-8.html