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摩登家庭(Modern Family) 第03季 第19集 第06期

你怎么没上学啊 Why aren't you in school? 他又转移话题了 He's doing it again. 曼尼说得对 你就像只"阿迪亚" Manny's right. You're being very ardilla. -"阿迪亚" -没错 就是那种 - "Ardilla"? - Yeah, you know, the-- 就是那什么 The one that--that-- -兔子吗 我像兔子吗 -不 不是 - Rabbit? I was being rabbit-y? - No, another one -是大脸蛋 大尾巴的 -花栗鼠吗 - With the cheeks and the tail and... - Chipmunk? -负鼠吗 -她说的明显是松鼠 - Possum? -Okay, obviously she means squirrel. 你之前"古怪如松鼠" You were being squirrely then, -现在也是"古怪如松鼠" -总比像老鼠好 - You're being squirrely now. - Better than being a rat. 曼尼 让我和他谈谈 Manny, give us a minute. 当然好 我毫不费力就戳穿了他 Oh, sure. I served him up on a silver platter. 怎么了 What? 好吧 没什么大不了的 All right, it's no big deal. 有个女人在那儿工作 There was a woman working there. 我不想让她见到我 I didn't want her to see me. -她是谁 -她叫多蒂 - Who is she? - Her name is Dottie. 她是我离婚后的第一任女友 She's the first woman I dated after my divorce. 你跟迪迪离婚后勾搭上了多蒂 You dated a Dottie after Dede? 你搞错重点了 Y-you're focusing on the wrong thing here. 重点是 我和她不是好聚好散的 The--the point is it ended badly. 我试图和平分手 可是 I tried to let her down easy, but, uh, 她没能坦然接受 she didn't take it too well. 其实 我也不知道她是怎么接受的 Actually, I don't know how she took it, 因为我没看见 'cause I wasn't there. 我们恩爱了几周 然后就 你懂的 We dated a few weeks, then after we... You know, 我趁她没醒 从她家偷偷溜了 I slipped out of her house before she woke up 再也没联系过她 and never called her again. 在她家院子里穿的裤子 把汽车挂的空挡 Put my pants on in her yard, put the car in neutral, 使之缓缓驶出车道 车灯都没敢打开 let it roll down the driveway, lights off. 哎呀 可耻历史我说不下去了 Hey, I can't talk about this anymore. 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20170717/Modern-Family-03-19-6.html