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摩登家庭(Modern Family) 第03季 第19集 第05期

因为在下就是克莱尔·邓菲 Uh... Because I am Claire Dunphy. 抱歉 我是从广告营销部调过来的 Oh, sorry. They moved me over from ad sales. 我们轮流报道新闻 We take turns reporting. 你对于今天的胜算有多大把握 How do you feel about your chances today? 比我几分钟之前预想的要差了很多 Not as good as I did a few minutes ago. 不 她信心满满 No, she feels great. 志在必得 全家人都志在必得 Um, her spirits are high. The whole family's high. -拿去编头条新闻吧 -菲尔 别 - There's your headline. - Phil, no. 来张全家福怎么样 Uh, how about a photo of all of you? -当然没问题 -妈妈 标签 - Yeah. Sure. Yes. - Mom, mom, mom. Tag. -衣服标签还在呢 -我的天 - Tag's still on. - Oh, my Goodness. 谢了 Thank you. 不然拍照可就尴尬了 好 That would have been a really awkward picture. Okay. 那是什么啊 What is that? 是牙齿吗 Is that a tooth? -好恶 -太强悍了 - Ew! - Awesome! 你都多大了 How old are you? No! -再来一次 -怎么会这样啊 - Do it again! - How does that even happen? 以前溜冰时摔的 就装了颗假牙 It's a-a fake tooth from an old ice-skating injury. -现在松脱了 -天呐 干嘛非得是今天啊 - It just fell out. - Oh, my gosh. Why today?! -怎么办啊 -别大惊小怪 - What about the... - Let's not overreact. -让我看看 -好吧 好 - Let's--let me see it. - Okay. All right. 拍好了 谢谢 Got it. Thanks. 你刚刚怎么了 What happened back there? 太多人排队 我懒得等 Line was too long. I couldn't wait. 你买冰沙还等过45分钟呢 I've seen you wait 45 minutes in line for sherbet! 那是因为我喜欢吃冰沙 行吗 Well, I happen to like sherbet, okay? 我带你去的那地方 That place I take you 有全西海岸最好吃的冰沙 has the greatest sherbet on the west coast. 他们有柠檬冰沙 椰子冰沙 They got lime sherbet, they got coconut sherbet. 怎么聊到冰沙去了 Why are we talking about sherbet? 他明显是在转移话题 He's clearly changing the subject. 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20170717/Modern-Family-03-19-5.html