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摩登家庭(Modern Family) 第02季 第19集 第12期

你想用原来的方式吗 You want to do it the old way 用这首没新意老歌和死气沉沉的编舞 with the same tired songs, the same drab choreography, 然后得到父母敷衍的欢呼吗 the same tepid applause from mom and dad? 你们真的想吗 回答我 Is that what you want? Just say the word. 我们就是那样想的 是的 是的 That's what we want. Yes. Yes. 行了 伙计们 很遗憾 Well, too bad, people! 我说了算 重来 We're doing it my way! From the top! 这是封闭式彩排 闪开 This is a closed rehearsal. March. 亲爱的 你在外面干什么 Hi, honey. What are you doing out here? 等你啊 因为我爱你 Oh, just waiting for you 'cause I love you. 海莉 从这边下来 Haley, come out this side. 为什么 Why? 因为很好玩啊 试试 'Cause it's fun. Try it. 滑动门 移动坐垫 Yeah, the doors slide, the seats slide. 这车无所不能啊 What can't the sienna do? 真搞笑 That was fun. 是吗 去看表演吧 Right? Let's go see a show! 亲爱的 我们应该把门关上 Sweetie, we need to close the door. 是的 用钥匙就行 Yeah, with the key. 我想看看走多远 I like to see how far I can get from the car 还能控制这车 and still make it work. 听着 亲爱的 亲爱的 Listen, honey, honey. -怎么 -我要问你些事 - Yeah? - Let me ask you something. 你要实话实说 Okay, I need you to be really honest with me. 行啊 你可...行 Yeah, you ca-- yes. 我是不是人老珠黄了 Are my best years behind me? 说什么啊 What? 当然不是 No. 秘诀就是向前看 The trick is to keep looking forward. 走吧 Here we go. 真的吗 Really? 是的是的 千真万确 Yes, yes, for sure. 好些没 You feel good? 是啊 我... Yeah, I... 大家好 欢迎各位 Hello, and welcome, everyone. 以及迟到的人们 And latecomers. 希望大家能喜欢今晚的表演 I hope you enjoy the show tonight. 你们一定赞同这个舞台已经多年 I think you will agree it has a certain flair 没有高水准高质量的表演了吧 that has been lacking from this stage in years past. 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20170717/Modern-Family-02-19-12.html