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摩登家庭(Modern Family) 第02季 第19集 第11期

好 很好 好得不能再好了 Good, great, couldn't be better. 我们能不能... Can we, uh... 行 当然 没问题 Yes, we can, uh -- all right. 怎么了 What's up? 听着 你需要跟小卡谈谈 Okay, you got to talk to Cam. 他要把我们逼疯了 He's driving us crazy. 凯文又开始咬指甲了 Kevin is biting his nails again, 鲁本一周都没有拉便便了 And Reuben hasn't had a bowel movement in a week. 别笑 猫王就是被逼死的 Don't laugh. That's how Elvis died. 好吧 曼尼 All right, um, Manny, 我...我不能参与进去的 I-I can't get involved. 但 好吧 要是你想反映情况 But, all right, if you have to say something, 就去告诉犀利哥 说他做过头了 just tell Bob Fussy that he's overdoing it 告诉他你们想回到原来那样 and you want to go back to your old stuff. 好了 休息结束 同志们 Okay, break's over, people! 我们再来次法国大革命那一段 I want to do the french revolution number again. 我们把断头台拿上来 Let's bring out the guillotine. 这次用点心了 Carefully this time. 不要 不要 不要了 No, no, no. 什么 Excuse me? 我们不想做这个新玩意 We don't want to do the new stuff. 我们不想继续排练 We want to stop rehearsing 想用原来的方式演绎 犀利哥 and go back to the old way, Bob Fussy. 我 我不知道那词哪来的 I-I don't know where this is coming from. 你们都这么认为吗 You all feel this way? 是的 是的 是的 是的 Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. 行了 我不知道 Well, I had no idea. 我不知道我周围是一群懒人 I had no idea I was surrounded by a bunch of quitters. 要不是我把音乐剧大师 This production was a joke 伯恩斯坦和桑坦介绍给孩子们 until I introduced these children 这个破音乐剧 to the musical-theater greats -- 还只是个大笑柄 Bernstein, Sondheim. 几年后 有个别孩子就会谈论 Years from now, some of these kids 当初我如何将他们桑坦化的 will still be talking about the way I sondheim-ized them. 我觉得那样说不太好...好吧 Ooh, I'm don't think that's a good way of saying -- okay. 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20170717/Modern-Family-02-19-11.html