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BBC纪录片《生命博物馆》(Museum of Life) 第02集 第31期

艾德里安·李斯特教授 Professor Adrian Lister is 是研究猛犸象的世界级专家 a world expert on woolly mammoths 他提出了一种理论 and he has a theory on what it was 阐释英国史前大型生物灭绝原因 that wiped out Britain's ancient giants. 比如说呢 这里是 I mean this, for example, is some 西伯利亚猛犸象的部分毛发 real hair of a woolly mammoth from Siberia. 看哪 Look at that! 一片连着毛发的猛犸象皮 Piece of mammoth skin with its hair on. 这很罕见 This is very unusual. 不过 它生动地展示了 Wow. But it shows very graphically 这种动物有多么耐寒 the cold adaptation of the animal. 我们还知道它以食草为主 We also know that it ate mostly grass. 这块化石也很棒 This is another remarkable piece. 信不信由你 这是猛犸象胃的一部分 This, believe it or not, is part of a mammoth's stomach. 这是胃壁 This is the stomach wall, 这是它最后一餐的食物残渣 and here is the compressed food of this animal's last meal. 你应该能闻到 I think you'll find it smells rather like 现代动物园大象屋的味道 the elephant house at the zoo, 而这块东西有三万年历史了 and that's about 30,000 years old. -难以置信 -它的科学价值在于 - That is unreal. - The scientific value of this 我们能重现猛犸象当时的食物 is that we can reconstruct what the animal was eating, 然后我们查阅了 and so then we go to look at 它们栖息地的大事年表 what the habitat was doing through time, 发现如果猛犸象偏爱的食物 and of course if this animal's preferred food, 比如说草 开始消失 in this case grass, started to disappear, 那么我们就能大致推断出 then we've got a potential reason for 猛犸活动范围变小 最终灭绝的原因 why its range shrank and it eventually went extinct. 所以说 气候变化 So the climate changed 使猛犸象的生活环境变化了 and basically the mammoth's world changed? 没错 Yeah, precisely, yeah. -它来不及适应吗 -没错 - It couldn't adapt fast enough to that? - That's right. 经过上百万年的进化 It had evolved over millions of years 它渐渐只能生活在寒冷中 to become this very specialised creature for 这真是至尊鱼尾了 That really is the ultimate fishy tail. 并旁观科学家受审 究其原因 And finding out why scientists are ending up in the dock. 我觉得你对此有偏见 I would suggest that you are biased in this. 我们要走进动物学世界 We're entering zoology, 参观全球最小最大的生物 and the worlds of some of the smallest 探究其所在的世界 and largest creatures on Earth. 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20170717/BBC-Museum-of-Life-02-31.html