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生活大爆炸(The Big Bang Theory) 第8季 第20集 第05期

但如果你想 but if you wanted... 我们可以搭建一座堡垒 we could build a fort. 那会不会有点太幼稚了 Isn't that a little juvenile? 会比这个还幼稚吗 More juvenile than this? 我去拿毯子 I'll get the blankets. 你上网搜搜如何享受孩子般的乐趣 You Google how to have childlike fun. 我真是个不尽责的主人 You know what, I'm being a bad host. 我去加点咖啡 Let me get some more coffee. 我来吧霍华德 Oh, let me do it, Howard. 不我来吧 No, I got it. 乔希你是干什么的 So, Josh, what do you do? 我在圣地亚哥学习海洋生物学 I'm studying oceanography down in San Diego. 真不错 Oh, how nice. 我可喜欢看《海底总动员》了 I loved Finding Nemo. 废话说够了 Enough chitchat. 我们怎么知道你的身份是真是假 How do we know you are who you say you are? 我为什么要撒谎呢 Why would I lie? 好吧你问倒我了 Okay, you got me there. 你是想要钱吗 You here looking for money? 不是 No. 你想要肾角膜还是切一块肝 A kidney, cornea, piece of his liver? 都不是 No. 你参加了披头士翻唱乐团 You're in a Beatles cover band 你想让霍华德替代你爹扮演林戈的角色吗 and you need Howard to replace your dad as Ringo. 你还是去帮着煮咖啡吧 Why don't you help with the coffee? 好吧可我闻到了阴谋[鱼]的味道 Okay, but something smells fishy. 不光是因为你和海洋生物一起工作哦 And not just because you work around sea animals. 那听起来挺有趣的 That actually sounds interesting, 我很乐意多听你说说 and I'd like to learn more about it. 你还好吗 Hey, you okay? 不怎么好 Not really. 这家伙突然从天而降 This guy shows up out of the blue, 于是我就有一个弟弟了 and now I have a brother? 我爸爸居然重组了一个家庭 My father has another family? 我能理解 I get it. 你现在想怎么做呢 What do you want to do? 我不知道我 I don't know. I... 我只想让他离开 I'd just like him to go away. 我现在没法处理这件事 I can't deal with this. 好吧包在我身上 All right, I've got your back. 谢谢你走吧 Thank you. Come on. 告诉你 And I'd like to point out 这堵墙刚才可是保护了不少隐私呢 this wall just provided a lot of privacy! 真不敢相信我哥哥居然是个宇航员 I can't believe my brother's an astronaut. 太厉害了感觉棒不棒 That's amazing. What was it like? 听我说老弟 Listen, dude, 你还是走吧 it's time for you to hit the road. 喂喂这位小兄弟刚刚提出了一个很棒的问题 Hey, hey, the young man asked a good question. 各位刚刚开始收听的听众 So, for those of you just tuning in, 我们正在直播一场生动有趣的情侣吵架 we are listening to a really fun fight -由我的合演者-不对不对 - between my costar... - No, no, no. 我们没有吵架我们只是 We're not fighting; we're just... 在谈话而已 having a conversation. 好吧 All right. 我们正在直播一场生动有趣的情侣谈话 We're listening to a really fun conversation 由我在《杀人恶猿2》中的合演者 between my costar from Serial Ape-ist 2 和她不相信女性也能有梦想的未婚夫出演 and her fiance, who doesn't believe women should have dreams. 把果汁还给我 Give me back that juice. 就算我去试镜了又会怎样 What is the harm if I audition? 要是你得到那个角色了呢 Well, what if you get it? 我大概会拍部电影 I don't know, I make a movie, 变得多金又出名 become rich and famous, 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20170717/476475.html