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生活大爆炸(The Big Bang Theory) 第8季 第20集 第04期

1987年金球奖最佳电影及最佳导演提名 凯文 Hey, Kevin! 能跟你通话让我十分激动 It's really exciting to talk to you. 真的 It really is. 你们俩真会说话佩妮听着 Oh, you guys are very sweet. So, Penny, listen, 我看了你的电影 I saw your movie. 可惜是部烂片 Oh, wow. I wish it was better. 别担心这点 Oh, don't worry about it. 你看过凯文的其他电影吗 Have you seen some of Kevin's films? 你这是在讨打惠顿 You're cruisin' for a beatin', Wheaton. 总之我很爱那部人猿电影佩妮 Anyway, man, I dug the ape movie, Penny. 我认为你在里面演得很棒 And I thought you were, like, really great in it. 我也有参演哦 You know, I'm in the movie, too. 是啊随便啦佩妮 Yeah, whatever. Penny! 佩妮你怎么不多演点电影呢 Penny, how come you're not in more stuff, man? 我想都不想就会选你出演 I'd cast you in a minute. 你说真的吗 Seriously? 当然是真的 Oh, yeah, man. 其实我手上正好有部电影在前期制作中 I'm actually in pre-production on a movie right now. 跟我以前的作品相比简直天壤之别 Way different than anything I've ever done before. 片名叫《疯狂店员3》 It's called Clerks 3. 你应该过来试念一段台词 You should come over and read for a part. 天啊我一定会去 Oh, my, I would love that. 你有新工作了 You have a new job. 或许我可以两边兼顾 Well, maybe I can do both. 我不认为你可以两边兼顾 I don't think you can do both. 我不认为我有问你意见 I don't think I asked you. 是啊让他听清楚佩妮 Yeah, you tell him, Penny. 别多管闲事凯文·史密斯 Stay out of it, Kevin Smith. 你认为人生中是否会出现一个转折点 Do you think there comes a point in life 让你不再为被人忽略而感觉难过呢 when it stops feeling bad to be left out of things? 估计不会 Probably not. 被纳入团体活动是一种进化优势 It's an evolutionary advantage to be included in group activities. 你知道吗 You know what? 我以前挺喜欢进化的 I used to be a fan of evolution, 但在我已进化后 but I've since evolved, 现在想想其实挺蠢的 and now I think it's dumb. 被忽略会让人非常难过 Being left out is a terrible feeling. 没有人比我更了解这种感觉 No one understands that better than I do. 快听听 Hey, look at that. 即便在自己的例子里你也是孤身一人 Even in your example, you're all by yourself. 当年在我的学校虱子肆虐的时候 When there was a lice epidemic at my school, 人人头上都有唯独我没有 everybody got it except me. 我试着往头发上撒糖骗其他人 I tried to fool everyone by sprinkling sugar in my hair, 但下场只是被蜜蜂蛰了一顿 but I just got attacked by bees. 我可以想象他们现在在费曼旧居里的画面 I can just picture them all right now at Feynman's house, 可能在讨论薛定谔 probably discussing Schrodinger 同时又不在讨论薛定谔 and at the same time, not discussing Schrodinger. 奥地利物理学家 于1935年提出的有关"猫既是死的又是活的"著名思想实验 See? 他们错过了像这样有哽又有趣的笑话 They're missing out on hilarious jokes like that. 同时又没过错 And at the same time, not. 这让我想起我的白痴哥哥姐姐 It reminds me of when my stupid brother and sister 他们在客厅搭建堡垒 would build forts in the living room 却不让我进去 and wouldn't let me in. 恨得我牙痒痒 I hated that so much. 或许 You know, 我不能让你获邀去参加学术报告会 there's nothing I can do about getting you invited to the symposium, 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20170717/476474.html