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真探(True Detective) 第2季 第06集 第09期

关于我的事情 and about me. 但他们说的事情 不管他们 And the things they say, whatever they-- 不管他们说了什么 不管你听到了什么 whatever they say, whatever stories you hear, 我是你的父亲 你是我的儿子 I am your father, you are my son. 我会一直爱你 I will always love you. 好的 Okay. 今晚怎么回事 雷 What happened tonight, Ray? 你怎么提前送他回家了 I mean, you send him home early, 你觉得这有帮助吗 you think that helps? 我 I, uh-- 我想 I want to-- 我想和你做个交易 I want to make a deal with you. -我挂了 -等等 拜托 - I'm hanging up. - Wait, please wait. 别挂 Just don't go. 你赢了 You win. 我没打算赢 雷 I'm not trying to win, Ray. 我真的觉得到了这个地步 I really think at this point 还是让律师处理吧 we should leave it to the lawyers. 听着 Just listen. 别 Don't-- 我不要抚养权了 I won't contest custody. 好吗 Okay? 他是你的 He's yours. 我知道他和你 还有理查德在一起 I know he'll be happy with you and-- 会过得很好 and Richard. 你说真的吗 Are you serious? 你又喝醉了 You're drunk again. 没有 听着 No, listen. 忘了亲子鉴定的事吧 Just forget the paternity thing. 别告诉他 Don't tell him. 别告诉他发生过什么 Don't ever tell him what happened or-- 或他的身世什么的 or where he comes from. 他没必要知道这些 He shouldn't have to know. 就 Just-- 就让他相信我是他的父亲 just let him believe I'm his father... 我会离开 and I'll go away. 这是 这是为了我 雷 It's for-- it's for me, Ray. 我需要知道答案 I have to know. 拜托了 Please...? 拜托 Please. 永远别告诉他 Never tell him 我会躲得远远的 and I'll stay away. 我什么都不抢了 I won't contest a thing. 我不会再见他了 I'll never see him again. 亲爱的 Sweetheart... 答应好吗 Just say yes. 求你了 答应吧 Please? Please. Just... just say yes. 然后我会永远地离开你们的生活 And I'll leave your lives forever. 好 Okay. 好的 雷 我会的 Yes, Ray, I will... I will do that. 向我发誓 You swear to me. 我发誓 I swear. 谢谢你 谢谢 Thank you. Thank you. 谢谢 Thank you. 她叫伊丽娜·鲁尔福 The name is Irina Rulfo. 你们手下的一个姑娘 Sometime girl to one of your guys 之前卷入了那起枪战 got taken in that shoot-out here a while back. 你是死亡圣神组织的 You're Santa Muerte. 你认识她 You know her? 不是像那样的 It's not like that. 不是你想的那种帮派 It's not a gang like you thinking. 管他妈的 是个读书俱乐部 Whatever the fuck. It's a book club. 你是莱多·阿马里奥的人 You were Ledo Amarillo's boy. 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20170717/476473.html