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真探(True Detective) 第2季 第06集 第08期

我们可以看《老友记》 一直在播 We could watch "Friends." It's always on. 老友记 那个20年前的剧吗 "Friends"? That show that's like 20 years old? 我之前有个女朋友经常看 I had an old girlfriend that used to watch it. 你都在写什么呢 What-all you scribbling over there? 有什么我没看到的精彩情节吗 There some high drama happening I don't see? 请不要和我交流 Please limit our interaction. 我的职责就是观察 I have a mandate to observe. 小子 咱们就看老友记 By all means, buddy, find "Friends." 你爸爸教你的吗 Your dad teach you that? 我老爸从来都没时间运动 My old man never had time for sports. 能坐下聊聊吗 You want to sit for a second? 你父亲 Your father... 是个非常 非常好的人 was a good, good man. 算得上是最好的 He was one of the best. 我知道 I know that. 用不着一直告诉我 Everybody doesn't need to keep saying. 这段日子会很难过 Things are gonna be hard for a while, 但是你会走出来的 but you'll come out. 因为你流着他的血 'Cause you got him in you. 你有他的斗志 His fight is in you. 有时候 Sometimes-- 有时候会有一件事情 毁了你的生活 sometimes a thing happens, splits your life. 之前有 之后也会有 There's a before and after. 这样的事我经历过5次 I got like five of them at this point. 而这是你的第一次 And this is your first. 但是如果你好好利用它 But if you use it right-- 不好的事情 the bad thing-- 你正确的利用它 you use it right and... 它能让你变好 it makes you better. 变强 Stronger. 它会给你别人没有的东西 It gives you something most people don't have. 尽管很糟糕 尽管不如意 Bad as this is, wrong as it is... 但这种伤痛 this hurt... 会让你成为更优秀的人 it can make you a better man. 这就是痛苦的意义 That's what pain does. 它让你看到自己的内心 It shows you what was on the inside. 而你的内心 And inside of you... 是纯净的黄金 is pure gold. 我知道这一点 And I know that. 你父亲也知道 Your father knew that, too. 纯净 无暇的黄金 Pure, solid gold. 这就是你 That's what you got. 你喜欢这样吗 You enjoy this? 喜欢你的工作吗 You like your job? 请注意不要和我交流 维尔克鲁先生 Please refrain from interacting with me, Mr. Velcoro. 你妈妈 她 Hey, your mom, she-- 她提到过事情会有些变化吗 she mention anything changing? 她说我可能不会常见到你了 She said I might not be seeing you as much. 你介意吗 You okay with that? 应该介意 I guess not. 听着 如果情况有变 Look, things, if they change... 他们可能 they might-- 他们可能跟你说些关于你 they might tell you things about you 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20170717/476472.html