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And now Canada is taking even more. 并且现在加拿大正在接收更多的难民 And yet, if you ask Canadians what makes them proudest of their country, 如果你问加拿大人他们的国家最让他们感到骄傲的是什么 they rank "multiculturalism," a dirty word in most places, second, ahead of hockey. Hockey. 他们会将“多元文化”这个在很多地方都带有贬义的词语排在第二位,领先于曲棍球。曲棍球 In other words, at a time when other countries 换句话说,当其它国家都在 are now frantically building new barriers to keep foreigners out, 疯狂地建造新的障碍阻挡外国人时 Canadians want even more of them in. 加拿大人却想要引进更多的外国人 Now, here's the really interesting part. Canada wasn't always like this. 然而真正有趣的是,加拿大也不是一开始就这样的 Until the mid-1960s, Canada followed an explicitly racist immigration policy. 直到1960年代中期,加拿大都奉行着一个明显带有种族歧视的移民政策。 They called it "White Canada," and as you can see, they were not just talking about the snow. 他们叫称之为“白色加拿大”,而如你所知,他们并不是在谈论冰雪 So how did that Canada become today's Canada? 那么彼时的加拿大是如何变成今日的加拿大的呢? Well, despite what my mom in Ontario will tell you, the answer had nothing to do with virtue. 嗯,不管我住在安大略省的妈妈会如何跟你说,但我想说的是这个答案跟美德没有半点关系。 Canadians are not inherently better than anyone else. 加拿大人并不是天生的就比其他人心要好。 The real explanation involves the man who became Canada's leader in 1968, 真正的答案涉及到那个在1968年成为加拿大领导人的男人, Pierre Trudeau, who is also the father of the current prime minister. 皮埃尔·特鲁多,他也是加拿大现任总理的父亲。 The thing to know about that first Trudeau is that he was very different from Canada's previous leaders. 关于老特鲁多我们需要了解的是,他跟加拿大之前的领导都不一样。 He was a French speaker in a country long-dominated by its English elite. 在一个长期被说英语的精英统治的国家,他却是说法语的。 He was an intellectual. He was even kind of groovy. 他是一个知识分子。他也是那种时髦的人 I mean, seriously, the guy did yoga. He hung out with the Beatles. 我是说真的,他还练瑜伽,他跟披头士们一起玩。 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20170717/476453.html