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Not only are there theoretical fixes; those fixes have been tried. 这里不仅仅有理论上的修复,这些修复已经被投入试验 They've worked. And they offer hope for the rest of us. 并且是起作用的。这也为我们其他人提供了希望 I'm going to show you what I mean by telling you about how three of the countries I visited 接下来我将会展示我所要表达的意思,通过讲述这三个我访问过的国家-- Canada, Indonesia and Mexico overcame three supposedly impossible problems. 加拿大、印度尼西亚和墨西哥--是如何战胜那些理应无法解决的问题的 Their stories matter because they contain tools the rest of us can use, 他们的故事很重要,因为中间包含着可以为我们所用的工具 and not just for those particular problems, but for many others, too. 不仅仅是对于那些特定的问题,而且对于多数的其它问题也一样。 When most people think about my homeland, Canada, today, 如今当大多数人想到我的祖国加拿大 if they think about Canada at all, they think cold, they think boring, they think polite. 如果他们真的想到加拿大的话,他们会想到寒冷、会想到无聊、会想到礼貌。 They think we say "sorry" too much in our funny accents. 他们还会想到我们用滑稽的口音不停的说“不好意思” And that's all true. Sorry. But Canada's also important 而这些也都是真的。不好意思。但是加拿大也是很重要的 because of its triumph over a problem currently tearing many other countries apart: immigration. 因为它战胜了一个目前正在撕裂其它许多国家的问题:移民 Consider, Canada today is among the world's most welcoming nations, 想想看,当今的加拿大是世界上最热情好客的国家之一 even compared to other immigration-friendly countries. 即使跟其它的移民友好型国家相比也毫不逊色 Its per capita immigration rate is four times higher than France's, 它的人均移民率比法国要高四倍 and its percentage of foreign-born residents is double that of Sweden. 而它的外国出生居民的比例是瑞典的两倍 Meanwhile, Canada admitted 10 times more Syrian refugees in the last year than did the United States. 同时,加拿大去年接收的叙利亚难民比美国要多十倍。 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20170717/476452.html