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释义 fact; deed; reality; the right way; truth 释义相关词条: deed fact reality the right way truth verity 双语例句 1. He told some lies and sometimes just embroidered the truth. 他说了些谎,有时只是对事实添油加醋了一番。 2. The indisputable fact is that computers carry out logical operations. 不容置疑的事实是,电脑执行逻辑操作指令。 3. She had decided to confront Kathryn with what she had learnt. 她决定拿自己了解的事实与凯瑟琳当面对证。 4. Ann Bradley dispels the old wives' tales and gives the medical facts. 安·布拉德利破除迷信,给出了医学事实。 5. It took internal whistle-blowing and investigative journalism to uncover the rot. 是内部检举和调查性报道揭露了这一腐败事实。 6. Many of his statements were at variance with the facts. 他的说法有很多和事实不符。 7. The lure of rural life is proving as strong as ever. 事实证明,乡村生活的魅力丝毫未减。 8. If they prove ineffective they should be demoted or asked to retire. 如果事实证明他们已无力胜任,应该将他们降级或让他们退休。 9. It may be a well-known fact, but I didn't know it. 这可能是人所共知的事实,但我却不知道。 10. Marseilles has proved to be a better racial melting pot than Lyons. 事实证明,与里昂相比,马赛是一个更好的种族大熔炉。 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20170717/476450.html