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释义 reality; actuality; real; actual; flesh and blood 释义相关词条: flesh and blood praxis realism 双语例句 1. I was shocked, brought down to earth by this revelation. 真相的披露让我深感震惊,我被带回了现实。 2. The reality of mothering is frequently very different from the romantic ideal. 养育孩子的现实经常与浪漫的理想大相径庭。 3. This argument is untenable from an intellectual, moral and practical standpoint. 从智识、道德和现实的角度来看,这一论点是站不住脚的。 4. We are learning how to confront death instead of avoiding its reality. 我们在学习如何直面死亡,而非回避死亡这一现实。 5. He does not have any realistic chance of winning the election. 他没有一点儿赢得选举的现实机会。 6. While economists are free to theorise, company chairmen are concerned with actualities. 经济学家们可自由创建理论,公司总裁们则关心现实情况。 7. These proposals represent a realistic starting point for negotiation. 这些建议是谈判的现实出发点。 8. Let's face it — drinking is a socially acceptable habit. 我们面对现实吧——饮酒是一种为社会所接受的习俗。 9. Various textile techniques will be explored to realise design possibilities. 将尝试和探索纺织技巧来把这些设计变为现实。 10. Once the euphoria surrounding this victory subsides, reality must return. 这场胜利的喜悦退去后,人们将不得不回归现实。 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20170717/476449.html