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美国学生历史 第192期:从布尔·朗到莫福利保罗(06)

395. Fredericksburg, December, 1862. 395.弗里德里克斯堡(1862年9月) Burnside found Lee strongly posted on Marye's Heights, which rise sharply behind the little town of Fredericksburg on the southern bank of the Rappahannock River. Burnside attacked in front. His soldiers had to cross the river and assault the hill in face of a murderous fire-and in vain. He lost thirteen thousand men to only four thousand of the Confederates. "Fighting Joe" Hooker now succeeded Burnside as commander of the Army of the Potomac. We must now turn to the West, and see what had been doing there in 1861-1862. 伯恩赛德发现李的军队驻扎在玛雅高地,这个地方就在拉帕汉诺克河南岸的小镇弗里德里克斯堡后面,他命令军队发起正面攻击。他的士兵不得不渡过河迎着猛烈的炮火向高地发起猛攻。进攻失败,他损失13000人,而南方联盟的军队只损失4000人。"好战的乔"胡克被任命为波特马克军的新司令。现在我们必须看一下西部的情况,看一下西线从1861年到1862年发生了哪些战斗。 396. Grant and Thomas. 396.格兰特与托马斯 In Illinois there appeared a trained soldier of fierce energy and invincible will, Ulysses Simpson Grant. He had been educated at West Point and had served in the Mexican War. In September, 1861, he seized Cairo at the junction of the Ohio and the Mississippi. In January, 1862, General George H. Thomas defeated a Confederate force at Mill Springs, in the upper valley of the Cumberland River. In this way Grant and Thomas secured the line of the Ohio and eastern Kentucky for the Union. THE BRIDGE AT ANTIETAM. Burnside's soldiers charged over the bridge from the middle foreground. 伊利诺斯有一支训练有素的军队,他们战斗力强且有不可战胜的意志,尤利塞斯·辛普森·格兰特是司令,他从西点军校毕业,并参加过墨西哥战争。他于1861年9月率领这支军队夺取俄亥俄河与密西西比河汇合处的开罗。1861年1月,乔治·H·托马斯将军在坎伯兰河上游的密尔斯普林斯打败南方同盟的军队。通过这些战斗,格兰特和托马斯保证了俄亥俄至肯塔基州东部一线属于联邦。 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20170717/476430.html