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We must go back through time to the very first chapter 我们必须让时间倒流回到第一章 to learn how the universe began. 讲一件关于宇宙起源的故事 The scattered remains of dead star 散布着死去恒星的残骸 the Crab Nebula 蟹状星云(隶属金牛座) Six thousand light years from home, deep inside a stellar graveyard 我们距离地球6000光年,深入到一座星际坟墓 We've learnt so much 我们已经学到了很多 seen things we'd never have believed possible 看到一些本来不可思议的事情 Now, sights like this, wonders once beyond imagination 像这样的情景以前是无法想像的 we take in our stride 现在却是司空见惯了 We're ready to face whatever lies ahead 我们准备好了面对前方的一切 Determined to reach the edge of the universe 决心抵达宇宙的边缘 This is the calm after the storm, after an massive explosion 现在风暴过后的平静,大爆炸后的平静 a supernova that turned a star into dust and gas 超新星把一颗恒星变成一团尘埃和气体 The eye of the storm. 暴风眼 A spinning pulsating star, a pulsar. 是一颗旋转脉冲的恒星,脉冲星 The gravity has squeezed the giant star's core down to this 重力把巨大恒星的核心挤压成这么小 It's just 12 miles across, unimaginably dense 它的直径只有12英里,密度之高无法想像 One pinhead of this would weigh hundreds 一个针头大小的物质可能就有几百吨 maybe millions of tons. 甚至几百万吨重 And as it shrank , like a figure skater spinning on the spot 当它收缩时,就像花样滑冰运动员在原地旋转一样 arms outstretched , then pulling them in 展开双臂然后收缩回来 it began to spin faster. 它开始越转越快 Two beams of light, energy, radiation, spinning 30 times a second 两道光、能量和辐射束每秒钟旋转30次 Powering the huge cloud of dust and gas 推动着庞大的尘埃和云团 There's so much radiation here, more even than on the Sun. 这里的辐射非常多,甚至比太阳的辐射还多 That was easily the deadliest thing we've encountered so far 这是我们到目前为止遭遇到的最致命的东西 Once, it would have terrified us 若在以前,它必定会让我们惊恐万状 But now we realize that without the dangers 但是现在我们知道,没有危险 there'd be no wonders 就不会有奇迹 Without the nightmares, there'd be no dreams 没有梦魇,就没有梦想 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20170717/476426.html