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Luminous clouds, suspended in space 发光云,悬挂在太空 encircling what was once a star like our own sun. 环绕着曾经类似我们太阳的恒星 All that's left of it are these brightly colored gases 唯一剩下就是这些五彩亮丽的气体 elements formed by nuclear reactions deep inside 在恒星内部深处核聚合反应形成的各种元素 released into space on its death 在恒星死亡之时被释放到太空中 Green and violet, hydrogen and helium 绿色和紫色的是氢和氦 the raw materials of the universe. 它们是宇宙的原始原料 Red and blue, nitrogen and oxygen 红色和蓝色的是氮和氧 the building blocks of life on Earth 它们是构成地球生命的材料 For us to live, stars like this had to die 为了我们的生存,这样的恒星必须死去 Every atom in our body was produced by nuclear fusion 我们身体的每个原子都产自这些已经死亡的恒星核聚变 in stars that died long before the Earth was even born. 很久以后地球才诞生 We are all the stuff of stars 我们都是恒星材料 Our family tree begins here 我们的家谱溯源至此 At its heart, the ghost of a star 云团的核心是恒星的鬼魂 a white swarf 一颗白矮星 White, hot, small 白色、炙热,体积很小 but unbelievably dense 但是密度却是高的难以置信 In the star's dying moments, its atoms fused and squeezed together 当恒星濒临死亡的时候,它的原子融合挤压在一起 making it so dense that just a teaspoon of this white dwarf would weigh 1 ton 让它变得密度极高,一茶匙白矮星的物质就有一吨重 It's a chilling premonition of our sun's fate. 我们太阳也是这种令人胆寒的下场 Six billion years from now, it will become a white dwarf 60亿年后,太阳会变成一颗白矮星 Its death will herald the end of life on earth 它的死亡即宣告我们地球生命的终结 Makes you wonder how many other world have come and gone 这让你好奇到底有多少外面的世界像这样存在和消失 celestial stories left untold, lost forever. 多少未知的宇宙故事永远失落 But the greatest story of them all is still to be told 但是它们中最伟大的故事还是要说的 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20170717/476425.html