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夏洛的网 第129期:进展顺利(02)

A spider can produce several kinds of thread. 一只蜘蛛能吐好几种丝。 She uses a dry, tough thread for foundation lines, 它用粗的干丝做底线, and she uses a sticky thread for snare lines 用有黏性的丝做捕捉昆虫的线 - the ones that catch and hold insects. ——它们会粘住昆虫,把它们捉住。 Charlotte decided to use her dry thread for writing the new message. 夏洛决定用它的干丝织出新的字。 "If I write the word 'Terrific' with sticky thread," she thought, “如果我用有黏性的丝织‘了不起’这几个字,”它想, "every bug that comes along will get stuck in it and spoil the effect." “甲虫来了就会粘在上面,把字弄坏。” "Now let's see, the first letter is T." “现在让我想想,第一个字是‘T’。” 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20170717/476419.html