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BBC纪录片《南太平洋》 第95期:无尽蔚蓝(29)

So, how did it go for Richard? 理查德情况如何 Unbelievable! That happened in a second! It was out of nowhere! 不可思议!电光火石之间!不知从什么地方冒出来的! My first hint that something was happening was when I saw a bunch of bubbles around the bird. 有事发生的第一信号就是鸟的周围出现一堆气泡 Then, I could kinda see the shape of the shark. 之后我能隐约看见鲨鱼的轮廓 That is the most astonishing thing i've ever seen. 那实在是我见过最惊人的事了 But there was more to this story. 故事还不止这些 You know, you've got this incredible predator who's lurking around and you know he's out there, or she is out there. 你知道强悍的捕食者就在四周徘徊,你知道它就在附近 You know this animal is circling you. You can't see it, it can see you. 你知道这种动物正围着你打转。你看不见它,它却能看见你 And so, you can't help now and again just to look away for a second, 因此,你时不时会向着周围看上一眼 and in that split second on this occasion that I looked away, the shark hit. 就在你转眼的一瞬间,鲨鱼便会发起袭击。 The power of the animal as it took the albatross was on the one hand terrifying, 虎鲨捕食信天翁的强悍力量着实令人恐惧 but on the other hand completely transfixing. 却也夺人心魄 I think that shot's going to haunt me for the rest of my life. 我想有生之年这些画面都会一直盘旋在脑海中 Richard may only have filmed half the strike, 理查德虽然只拍到了袭击过程的一部分 but in the end, given the nervousness of the sharks, he was lucky to get even that. 但归根结底,考虑到鲨鱼如此敏感,能拍到这些已然很幸运了。 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20170717/476417.html