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BBC纪录片《南太平洋》 第94期:无尽蔚蓝(28)

What did you see? 你看到什么了 The albatross gave us the run-around for a while, 信天翁害我们跑断腿 and then he finally decided he'd had enough of us and flew away. 然后它不想和我们玩了,就飞走了 But why didn't the sharks take the bird? 鲨鱼为何不来捕鸟呢 Were they now avoiding the divers? 它们是在躲避水下摄制组吗 Whatever senses they're using, they've shown us they want to stay away from us. 不管它们动用了哪些感觉器官,都已经明确表明它们想要远离我们 Over the next two days, Doug's theory was confirmed, and Richard realised he had little to fear. 接下来的两天,道格的理论得到了证实,理查德也意识到自己无需畏惧。 The sharks are not interested in us. 鲨鱼对我们不感兴趣 They're only interested in a slightly oilier substance in the form of a nice, fat, juicy albatross. 它们只对比较油滑的东西感兴趣,比如肥美多汁的信天翁 I've got a very positive feeling about today. 我今天有好的预感 Conditions are improving. Lots of sharks around, come to...close to the boat. 环境有所好转,附近鲨鱼很多,靠近我们的船。 I think they're inviting us in. 似乎在邀请我们入伙 But filming a successful strike from underwater required a different strategy. 但想要在水下成功抓拍,需要特别的策略 No longer worried about being hit from below, 不必担心水下被袭 Richard and Doug opted for the quieter approach of snorkelling at the surface... 理查德和道格选择了更为安静的接近方式先在水面浮潜 only going under at the final moment. 最后再潜入水中 Would this new technique work? 这种新方法能管用吗 From the surface, the signs were good, and John was once again following the action from his platform. 浮潜时,似乎情况不错,约翰再次在他的工作台上捕捉到了这一刻。 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20170717/476416.html