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异类之不一样的成功启示录 第193期:戴西如何借钱

The year my aunt applied happened to be one of the "girl" years. She was lucky. My mother was not. 我姑妈取得的那年是“女生年”,她非常幸运。 My mother was faced with passage to England, room and board and living expenses, and tuition at the University of London. 但是我的母亲没那么幸运,她将面临着支付到英格兰的路费、住宿费、生活费和在伦敦的学费的困难。 To get a sense of how daunting that figure was, 知道我姑妈的“百年奖学金”是多少吗? the value of the Centenary scholarship my aunt won was probably as much as the sum of my grandparents' annual salaries. 那相当于我祖父母加起来的工资总和。 There were no student loan programs, no banks with lines of credit for schoolteachers out in the countryside. 那时没有助学贷款,在乡下,也没有银行给乡村教师信用贷款。 "If I'd asked my father," my mother says, "he would have replied, 'We have no money.'" “如果我问我的父亲,如何解决困难,”我妈妈说,“他会回答说,‘我们没有钱了。’” What did Daisy do? She went to the Chinese shopkeeper in a neighbouring town. 戴西是怎么做的呢?她来到旁边小镇一个中国老板的商店里。 Jamaica has a very large Chinese population that since the nineteenth century has dominated the commercial life of the island. 牙买加那时候有很多的中国人,他们自19世纪开始就控制了岛上的商业, In Jamaican parlance, a store is not a store,it's a "Chinee-shop." 用牙买加人的说法,商店不是商店,而是“中国商店”。 Daisy went to the Chinee-shop to Mr.Chance and borrowed the money. 戴西到这间“中国商店”去找那位“关键先生”借钱, No one knows how much she borrowed, although it must have been an enormous sum. 没有人知道她借到了多少,但肯定是一个非常大的数字。 And no one knows why Mr.Chance lent it to Daisy, except of course that she was Daisy Nation, 也没有人知道“关键先生”为什么借钱给戴西,当然,除了知道她是戴西·纳森外。 and she paid her bills promptly, and had taught the Chance children at Harewood school. 她在海厄乌德学校教“关键先生”的孩子学习,很快便还清了她的账单。 It was not always easy to be a Chinese child in a Jamaica schoolyard. 在牙买加,中国小孩是很难进入当地学校的, The Jamaican children would taunt them. 而且牙买加小孩也会嘲笑中国学生,称他们为“中国猪”。 Daisy was a kindly and beloved figure, an oasis amid that hostility. 戴西一贯非常温柔,有爱心,在那个不友好的环境中,她就像沙漠中的绿洲一样, Mr. Chance may have felt in her debt. “关键先生”或许会觉得欠她点儿什么。 "Did she tell me what she was doing? I didn't even ask her," my mother remembers. " “她会告诉我她在做什么吗?我甚至都没有问过她。” 我的妈妈回忆说, It just occured. I just applied to university and got in. “它就这样发生了,我一申请学校,就被录取了, I acted completely on faith that I could rely on my mother without even realizing that I was relying on my mother." 我经常有什么事情就本能地依赖我的母亲,但却没有意识到我正依赖她。” Joyce Gladwell owes her college education first to William,M.McMillan, 乔伊斯能上大学,第一个要感激的是麦克米兰, and then to the student at Saint Hilda's who gave up her scholarship and then to Mr.Chance, and, most of all, to Daisy Nation. 然后是在圣·希尔达学校那些放弃了奖学金的学生,再然后是“关键先生”,最后,也是最重要的是要感谢戴西·纳森。 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20170717/476409.html