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Peregrine falcons and bat hawks are the jet fighters of the bird world. 游隼和蝠鹞是鸟类中的喷气式战斗机 Good hunting will end as the light fades so the bat hawks bolt their catches on the wing 天黑后,再高超的捕猎本领也将无用武之地,于是蝠鹞一边飞一边吞下猎物 and fly straight back for more. 然后径直返回继续捕猎 Any bat separated from the group becomes a clear and obvious target and is asking for trouble. 任何一只脱离群体的蝙蝠,立刻成为显眼的目标,很快便遭了殃。 Yet the nightly onslaught has little impact on bat numbers. 然而,每天傍晚的攻击只会对蝙蝠数量产生很小的影响 By the morning, the vast majority will be back in the safety of the cave. 到了早上,大多数蝙蝠仍会安然无恙地回到洞中 Bats are not the only commuters in these Bornean caves. 蝙蝠并非婆罗洲洞窟中的唯一常客 There's a day shift as well. 这里也有“做日班”的居民 Returning from hunting in the sunlight, these commuters rely on their loud clicks 完成白天的狩猎工作后,这些住客利用它们响亮的叫声 to find their way through the cave passages in total darkness. 在漆黑一片的洞穴通道内辨别方向 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20170717/476384.html