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The droppings also support other types of cockroaches, 粪便也能养活其它种类的蟑螂 which spend part of their day resting on cave walls. 它们一天大部分时间都呆在洞壁上 These in turn become food for giant cave centipedes, some more than 20 centimetres long. 这些蟑螂也接连成为了洞穴大蚰蜒的美餐,有的蚰蜒能长到20厘米长。 Bizarrely, there are crabs here, too. Sifting through the droppings for nutrients. 奇怪的是,这里甚至还有螃蟹,它们从粪便中过滤营养物质。 All these animals spend their entire lives within the cave. 所有这些动物都在洞穴内度过一生 They're totally dependent on the digested remains of food that's brought in from outside. 它们完全依赖的食物消化残渣都是来自于外界 Each evening, in just two hours, three million bats leave the safety of the cave 每天傍晚,只是前后2小时内,300万只蝙蝠一起离开安全的洞穴。 to hunt for insects in the forest outside. But not all will return. 在森林外围捕食昆虫。但并非所有的蝙蝠都能返回。 As they leave the cave, the stream of bats form a doughnut-shaped ring. 蝙蝠离开山洞后,即在空中组成一个面包圈一样的队列。 The wheeling bats seem to confuse a rufous-bellied eagle, 旋绕的蝙蝠群似乎已将棕腹隼雕弄得晕头转向 but they must still survive the attacks of other, more specialised birds of prey. 但它们仍须躲过其它更专业的猛禽的攻击。 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20170717/476383.html