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打开海外市场 摩拜单车登陆英国曼彻斯特

Chinese bike-sharing major Mobike said last Tuesday that it will launch services in the United Kingdom in Manchester and Salford at the end of this month as it ramps up efforts to compete with rivals such as ofo in overseas markets. 随着与像ofo这样的对手争夺海外市场的竞争日益激烈,中国共享单车的主要企业摩拜于上周二表示,公司将于本月底在英国曼彻斯特和索尔福德推出共享单车服务。 Mobike, backed by internet giant Tencent Holdings Ltd, said it will roll out 1,000 bikes at the end of June. After the scheme is up and running, the company will consider future expansion. 由互联网巨头腾讯控股有限公司支持的摩拜,据悉将在六月底投入1000辆单车。在该计划顺利启动之后,公司将考虑未来扩大投放量。 The move is part of Mobike's ambitious plan to expand its presence in the European continent. The company said it will launch services to a series of European cities over the next few months. 该举措是摩拜公司为扩大其在欧洲大陆业务而实行的宏伟计划之一。该公司表示,在接下来的几个月,他们将陆续在欧洲各大城市推出该服务。 Weiwei Hu, founder of Mobike, said: "We're very excited to make Manchester and Salford Mobike's first European partners. They have long been a European leader in culture, innovation and technology." 摩拜单车的创始人胡玮炜表示,“我们非常高兴看到曼彻斯特和索尔福德成为我们的第一批欧洲合作伙伴。它们一直是欧洲文化、创新和技术领域的领导者。” This came shortly after one of Mobike's most successful domestic competitors ofo came to the UK in April, which launched 50 bikes in Cambridge as part of a pilot program. 在这之前不久,摩拜最大的国内竞争者ofo,于今年四月份来到英国,在剑桥投放了50辆单车作为试点项目之一。 Andy Burnham, the mayor of Greater Manchester, said he hopes many people will swap their cars for bikes. He vowed to take a positive approach in promoting cycling in the region. 大曼彻斯特市长安迪·伯纳姆表示,他希望大多数人能将自己的车换为单车。他承诺要以积极的态度促进该地区的骑车运动。 "We're conscious that our city center is a complex and busy area already", Burnham said. "Transport for Greater Manchester has been working hard to establish a voluntary code of working with Mobike to make sure the service operates in a way that doesn't inconvenience other road users, pedestrians or city center traders." 伯纳姆表示:“我们意识到我们的城市中心早已是一个复杂而繁忙的地方。大曼彻斯特运输公司一直在努力制定与摩拜合作的自愿守则,以确保该服务的运作方式不会对其他道路使用者、行人或市中心商人造成不便。” People using the shared bikes are usually charged for every 30 minute slot they have them, but details of the pricing structure for Manchester have not yet been released. 使用共享自行车的人通常每30分钟收费一次,但曼彻斯特的定价结构细节尚未公布。 "If successful, it could play an important part of our long-term plans for cycling in the region and for making travel easier and more sustainable", Burnham said. 伯纳姆表示:“如果成功,它对于该地区骑自行车的长期计划可以起到很重要的作用,并使旅行更容易,更可持续。” 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20170717/476375.html