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To a group of determined and industrious roommates, graduation from college means no departure but just the start of another period of study together, even though it will be in another country. 对于同宿舍那些意志坚定又勤奋好学的室友来说,大学毕业并不意味着分离,而是下一段共同学习旅程的开始,即使是在另外一个国家。 Among the recently received offers from multiple world-renowned colleges, Wang Xin and her four roommates all chose the University of Bath, which is ranked as the fifth best university in the United Kingdom by the Guardian University Guide. 在收到众多世界名校邀请之后,汪鑫和自己的四位室友全部选择了巴斯大学。该大学是《卫报》大学指南评定为英国排名第五位的著名高校。 The five young women graduated from Anhui University of Finance and Economics, based in Bengbu city in Anhui province, and majored in accounting. 这五位年轻女生毕业于位于安徽省蚌埠市的安徽财经大学,主修会计专业。 In the last fours years, they shared not only the same class, but also the same dormitory. They will major in accounting and finance in the next year. 在过去的四年中,她们不仅仅学习同一专业课程,还是住在同一宿舍的舍友。她们还将在未来一年内共同学习会计与金融专业。 Postgraduate study has become more popular among Chinese undergraduates in recent years. 最近几年来,越来越多的中国本科生都倾向于选择读研深造。 Instead of taking exams for domestic colleges to reach their goal, the five decided to seek overseas study opportunities, even at the beginning of their college study, according to Wang. 汪鑫表示,从上大学一开始,她和舍友就决定要去国外读研,而不是参加国内研究生招生考试。 "Each of us five roommates had applied for multiple overseas universities and received offers from several of them," said Wang, adding that the University of Bath is the best among them. 汪鑫说道:“我们五个人申请了好几所国外的大学,也收到了很多录取通知。”她还表示,最终她们还是认为巴斯大学是最理想的选择。 Xin Danyang, one of the young women said years of great effort made their goal achievable. 其中一名名叫辛丹阳的女生称,是不断的努力和付出才使得她们的目标得以实现。 "Take me for example. My study often began before 7 am and went till 2 or 3 am the next morning", Xin said. 辛丹阳说道:“拿我自己来说,我一般每天早上7点之前就开始学习,一直学到第二天凌晨2、3点钟。” 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20170717/476374.html