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And please buy them. And don't just buy them for your daughters, buy them for your sons. 请购买它们吧。不要只买给你们的女儿们,也买给儿子们吧。 Because it's important that boys play with and as female superheroes 因为男孩们玩儿女版超人玩具, just as my daughter plays with and as male superheroes. 就和我女儿玩男版一样意义重大。 As a matter of fact, what I would love is a world in which every person who goes to the store 事实上,在我理想中的社会,当每个人前往商店时, goes with a little flowchart in their head of whether or not they should buy this toy for a boy or a girl, 他们的脑海中只需要闪过一个小的流程图,就能决定是否给男孩儿或是女孩儿买这种玩具, and it's a real simple flowchart because it only has one question on it. 真的是很简单的流程图,因为其中只有一个问题: It says, "Is this toy operated with you genitals?" 那就是:“这个玩具需要用到性器官吗?” If the answer is yes, then that is not a toy for children. 如果答案是肯定的,那这个玩具绝对少儿不宜! And if the answer is no, then it's for boys and girls. It's really simple. 如果答案是否认的,那这个玩具就同样适合男孩和女孩。就是这么简单。 Because today is about the future of the future, and in my future, 因为今天就决定了明天的明天,在我的明天中, boys and girls are equally respected, equally valued, and most importantly, equally represented. Thank you. 男孩和女孩是平等的,他们平等的被尊重,被重视,最重要的是平等的被象征。谢谢。 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20170716/476160.html