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Spanish prosecutors have accused José Mourinho of defrauding the country’s tax authorities of EU3.3m, after finding that the Portuguese coach used a company in the British Virgin Islands to conceal earnings from the sale of his image rights. 西班牙检察官指控若泽?穆里尼奥(José Mourinho)欺诈西班牙税务当局330万欧元,此前检察官发现这位葡萄牙籍教练利用一家英属维尔京群岛的公司隐瞒了出售其肖像权所得的收入。 The accusations against Mr Mourinho, man-ager of Manchester United, date from his time as coach at Real Madrid. Prosecutors believe the 54-year-old fail-ed to declare earnings worth more than EU7m during 2011 and 2012, on which he should have paid EU3.3m in taxes. 针对身为曼联(Manchester United)教练的穆里尼奥的指控,追溯到他在皇家马德里(Real Madrid)担任教练的时期。检察官认为,现年54岁的穆里尼奥没有申报在2011年至2012年期间总值超过700万欧元的收入,他本来应该为这些收入纳税330万欧元。 According to a statement yesterday, Mr Mourinho did so “with the aim of ob-taining an illicit gain” and after setting up a deliberately “opaque” company structure to manage the earnings from his image rights. 根据昨天的一份声明,穆里尼奥此举的“目的是获得非法收入”,并且通过设立故意“不透明”的公司结构来管理出售其肖像权所得。 As of yesterday Mr Mourinho had not commented on the allegations. 截至昨天,穆里尼奥尚未对这些指控置评。 The accusations come just a week after Spanish prosecutors brought a parallel case against Cristiano Ronaldo, Real Madrid’s star striker who allegedly withheld taxes worth EU14.8m. 一周前,西班牙检方对皇马明星前锋C罗(Cristiano Ronaldo)提起了类似指控,声称其涉嫌偷税1480万欧元。 In both cases, tax authorities and prosecutors allege that Mr Mourinho and Mr Ronaldo ceded their image rights to companies on the Virgin Islands which in turn ceded them to a company based in Ireland. The Irish company allegedly used by the two men is identical: Multisports & Image Management Ltd. 在两起案件中,税收当局和检方声称穆里尼奥和C罗都把自己的肖像权转让给维尔京群岛的公司,后者进而把他们的肖像权转让给一家位于爱尔兰的公司。据称二人使用的是同一家爱尔兰公司:综合体育&形象管理有限公司(Multisport & Image Management Limited,简称MIM)。 Both Mr Ronaldo and Mr Mourinho are clients of Jorge Mendes, a well-known Portuguese football agent. When the allegations of tax fraud first surfaced last year, Mr Mendes’s agency issued a statement insisting that both men were “up to date with [their] tax obligations”. C罗和穆里尼奥都是著名的葡萄牙足球经纪人若热?门德斯(Jorge Mendes)的客户。当去年关于税务欺诈的指控首次出现时,门德斯所在的机构发表了一项声明,坚称二人“始终尽到了纳税义务”。 Mr Mourinho is one of the most celebrated football coaches of recent times, winning the Uefa Champions League trophy with both FC Porto from Portugal and Italy’s Inter Milan. He also sec-ured league titles with Porto and Inter, as well as with Real Madrid and the English Premier League side Chelsea. 穆里尼奥是近年来最著名的足球教练之一,他分别带领葡萄牙波尔图足球俱乐部(FC Porto)和意大利的国际米兰(Inter Milan)赢得了欧冠联赛(Uefa Champions League)奖杯。他还带领波尔图、国际米兰、以及皇家马德里和英超切尔西(Chelsea)赢得了各自的联赛冠军。 Known for his defensive tactics and confrontational demeanour with referees and journalists, Mr Mourinho famously referred to himself as a “special one” when he took over as Chelsea coach in 2004. The moniker has followed him ever since. 穆里尼奥以其防守战术以及对抗裁判和记者的行为而闻名,他曾在2004年执教切尔西时自称“特殊的一个”(special one)。从那时起他便有了这个绰号。 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20170716/476092.html