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We have to stop. 我们必须停止。 And when I was putting this together, people said to me, 当我这么说的时候,一些人回复我说: "Well, that's never going to happen." And I said, "Oh really?" “好吧,但那绝不可能发生。”然后我说:“是吗?” Because just this year, Target announced that they were going to stop gendering their toy aisles. 因为就在今年,塔吉特宣布他们将要取消玩具的性别通道。 They were going to mix it up. 他们要把玩具混在一起。 Now, before we break our shoulders patting Target on the back, 不过,在我们准备支持塔吉特的时候, just this week they released a shirt in which one of the most iconic scenes in "Star Wars: A New Hope" 他们在这周又发行了一款T恤,在上面印着“星球大战:曙光乍现”中最具标志性的一幕: where Princess Leia stands up to the Dark Lord of the Sith, 莱娅公主直面西斯黑暗尊主。 was released on a t-shirt in which she's mysteriously replaced by Luke. 但T恤上的画面,莱娅却神秘的被卢克取代了。 So let's don't pat ourselves on the back too much. 所以我们也不能高兴得太早。 Just this week also, Disney announced it was no longer going to gender its Halloween costumes, 同样是这周,迪斯尼宣布他们不会再把万圣节服饰性别化了。 which I say, "Thank you, Disney, except the only costumes you make are of male superheroes, 我要说:“谢谢你,迪斯尼,你们的服饰本来就只印男性超级英雄, so does it matter who you have wearing them?" 所以谁穿也没什么区别吧?” Just this week, Mattel, who makes Barbie, announced they're going to release a line of DC superhero girls. 就在这周,生产了芭比娃娃的美泰公司,宣布他们将会发布超能英雄少女组合。 And the funny thing is, they met with girls and asked them what they wanted to see in dolls, 有趣的是,当他们和女孩儿们交流、询问她们想要怎样的娃娃时, and you can see, they have calves and elbows that bend so they can do superhero stuff. 你会发现,她们想要那种手臂和腿部可以弯曲的,那样就可以作一些超人动作。 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20170715/475864.html