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I'm not raising a little boy, like Mike. 我没有抚养过像Mike这样的小男孩儿。 Mike is a little boy in Florida. He's 11 years old, Mike是弗罗里达州的一名小男孩儿,他今年11岁。 and the thing that he loves most in the world is a show called "My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic," 他在这个世界上最喜欢的东西,和美国其他成千上万的孩子们一样, like millions of other children across America. 是一部动画片,名叫《小马驹之友谊魔法》。 Now, the show is marketed to girls ages five to nine, 这个动画的消费人群针对5-9岁的小女孩, but there are millions of boys and grown men who enjoy "My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic." 但是却有不计其数的小男孩儿,还有成年男性,也喜欢《小马驹之友谊魔法》。 They have a club. They call themselves Bronies, pony bros, guys who like ponies. 他们成立了一个俱乐部。他们称自己为小马兄弟,一群喜欢小马驹的男人。 I happen to be one of them. 我碰巧就是其中之一。 And what are Mike and myself and millions of other boys and men learning in this feminine, sissified world of "My Little Pony?" Mike和我,还有无数的男孩和男人们,从这个女性化的“我的小马世界”里学到了什么呢? Well, they're learning to study hard and to work hard and to party hard and to look good and to feel good and to do good, 他们懂得了努力学习,努力工作,努力玩耍,懂得了举止得体,乐观自信,行善积德, and heaven preserve us from teaching these wussified concepts to boys. 而男孩生来就被避免了接触这些死板的概念。 So the other kids in his neighborhood pick on Mike and they beat him up and they make fun of him, 所以邻里的孩子就在Mike身上找茬儿,殴打他,嘲笑他, and at 11 years old, Mike goes home, finds a belt, wraps it around his neck, 作为一名11岁的男孩,Mike回到家,找到了跟带子,套过脖子, and hangs himself from the top bunk of his bed. 把自己挂在了上铺的床沿上。 Because we have developed a society in which you would rather be dead as a boy than thought of as liking stuff for girls. 因为我们的社会决定了一种模式,宁可做一名死去的男孩,也不愿被人说喜欢女孩的东西。 And that is not Mike's fault. That is our fault. 那不是Mike的错。那是我们的错。 We have failed him. We have failed our children. 我们令他失望了。我们令我们的孩子们失望了。 And we have to do better for them. 我们应该为了他们做得更好。 We have to stop making it so that the only female superheroes appear on shirts that are pink and cut for girls. 我们必须停止这么做,不能让女超人的形象只出现在针对女孩儿的、可爱的、粉嘟嘟的T恤上。 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20170715/475863.html