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有了这款“隐形鞋” 炎炎夏日你就可以赤脚走路啦

Beach lovers rejoice - you can now enjoy a stroll along the beach without burning your feet on the scorching hot sand. 沙滩爱好者们可以欢庆了,你们现在可以漫步在沙滩上,且不必忍受滚烫的沙子灼伤脚底的感觉。 Nakefit's waterproof and cut-proof soles are available for pre-order now, with ten pairs costing EU30. Nakefit防水、防割伤鞋底现在接受预订,10对售价为30欧元(约合人民币229元)。 The alternative to flip-flops are also anti-slip, and can be peeled off and on for multiple uses. 和人字拖相比,这款替代品还具有防滑功能,并且可以反复穿脱,多次使用。 As well as protecting against the sun, the soles can be worn in the swimming pool to protect against verrucas and other infections. Nakefit的鞋底不仅防止被太阳灼伤,还可以在游泳池穿着以防止扁平疣和其他感染。 The shoes are also cut-proof and its creators even recommended them to people who want to walk down the street barefoot. 这款“鞋子”也是防割伤的,发明者甚至推荐想要赤脚走路的人使用。 A Kickstarter page for the product has already raised EU118,816, which is far over its goal of EU20,000. 该产品在众筹网站Kickstarter上已经筹得118816欧元(约合人民币91万元),远远超过2万欧元(约合人民币1.5万元)的目标。 People wanting to get their hands on a pair can choose from a range of pre-order pledging options. 想要拥有这双鞋的人可以选择一系列的预购选项。 Buyers can pledge EU30 to buy a pack of ten for women, men or babies. 买家可以花30欧元预购10双女款、男款或者婴儿款鞋底的套装。 Family packs with ten female, male and baby soles can be purchased for EU90. 家庭套装售价90欧元(约合人民币687元),包含10双女款、10双男款以及10双婴儿款。 The stick-on soles ship to any country in the world. 该产品可以发货到世界各国。 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20170715/475795.html