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Now, I could have taken to Twitter with the hashtag #WheresGamora, like millions of fans did across the world, 现在,我可以在Twitter上发#加美拉去哪儿了,就像世界各地成千上万的粉丝们一样。 but the truth was I wasn't even really that surprised, 但事实上,我并不对此感到惊讶, because I was there when Disney had released "The Avengers." 因为当迪斯尼播出《复仇者联盟》的时候我也经历过了。 And just this year, we got a new Avengers movie, the "Age of Ultron," and we were very excited, 就在今年,我们又迎来了复联的新续集《奥创纪元》,然后我们很激动, because there was not one but two female superheroes, Scarlet Witch and Black Widow. 因为其中有不是一个,而是两位女超级英雄,腥红女巫和黑寡妇。 And we were very excited. But here's the real thing about this. 所以我们很激动。但真相是这样的。 Even though Scarlett Johansson, who is one of the most popular actresses in America, plays Black Widow, 即使是由斯嘉丽·约翰逊,美国当红女星扮演的黑寡妇; and Black Widow is the star of not one, not two, but five different Marvel movies, 即使黑寡妇形象存在于不是一部两部,而是五部不同的漫威电影, there is not a single piece of Black Widow merchandise available. Not one. 市场上也还是找不到任何关于黑寡妇的产品。一个也没有。 And if you go to the Disney store and look for a Black Widow costume, 如果你前往迪斯尼商店寻找黑寡妇的服饰, what you will find, is you will find Captain America and The Incredible Hulk. You will find Iron Man and Thor. 你会发现,能找到的都是美国队长,绿巨人,钢铁侠或者雷神的服饰。 You will even find War Machine, who isn't even really in the movie that long. 你甚至还能找到战争机器,在电影中都没怎么出镜的那种。 Who you will not find is Black Widow. 但是就是没有黑寡妇。 And I could have gone to Twitter with the hashtag, as many people did, #WheresNatasha. 我本可以登录Twitter,像许多人那样贴个标签,#娜塔莎在哪儿。 But I'm tired of doing that. I'm tired of having to do that. 但是我已经对这种行为感到疲惫了。我对这种情况感到疲惫了。 All over the country right now, there are kids playing with the Cycle Blast Quinjet play set, 现在全国上下,孩子们都在玩一个基于复联专用战斗机场景的游戏, where Captain America rides a motorcycle out of a moving jet and it's really awesome. You know how awesome it is? 在其中,美国队长骑着摩托车冲出了飞行中的战斗机,那场面太酷了。你能想象有多酷吗? So awesome that when it happened in the movie, it was Black Widow that did it. 在电影当中也是这样的刺激,这其实是黑寡妇的戏份。 Not only has she been erased, but she has been replaced with a male figure. 不仅她的形象被抹去了,还被一位男性形象所取代了。 And so what is this teaching us? 这又给了我们怎样的启示呢? 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20170714/475572.html