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BBC英语六分钟 第127期:节日的感受

This is 6 Minute English from BBC Learning English dot com. 这里是bbclearningenglish.com英语六分钟节目。 Rob: Hello and welcome to 6 Minute English, I’m Rob… 大家好,欢迎收听英语六分钟,我是罗伯... Finn: and I’m Finn, hello – and a merry Christmas to you all! 还有我费恩,大家好,祝大家圣诞节快乐! Rob: Thanks for that festive greeting Finn. Yes, many people around the world are getting ready to celebrate Christmas, including me… 谢谢你的节日祝福,费恩。是的,世界各地的人们都正准备庆祝圣诞节,包括我在内...... Finn: and me Rob! For me, it’s the time of year when we don’t have to go to work, we eat and drink lots and, of course, we get presents. So, Rob, what have you got me? 还有我!对我来说,这段时间我们不用去工作,只需要吃吃喝喝地享受生活,当然,我们也会收到礼物。那么罗伯,你给我准备了什么礼物? Rob: Wait and see Finn – I haven’t wrapped it yet! Don’t forget Christmas is also a time for giving presents too. We’ll be finding out what Christmas means to other people soon and using some vocabulary connected to the festive season – another way of saying ’the Christmas period’. But let’s start with a question. 费恩,等着瞧吧,我都没有把它包装起来!不要忘记圣诞节也是一个送礼物的节日。接下来我们会看看圣诞对其他人意味着什么以及和节日相关的一些词汇——“圣诞期”的另一种说法。但是我们先来问个问题。 Finn: Yes, the question is: what have you bought me for Christmas? 是的,这个问题是:你给我带了什么圣诞礼物? Rob: No Finn, it’s not! We know Christmas is full of traditions – events and activities that started a long time ago and now happen every year. Well, in Germany it’s traditional to lock a room before Christmas. So Finn, do you know what happens in that room? Is it…a) used to prepare the Stollen cake, a moist bread filled with fruit. b) where the tree is decorated, and presents placed underneath. or c) in olden days it was used to breed a turkey for the Christmas feast. 不是的,费恩,不是这个问题!我们知道圣诞节有很多的传统——始于很久以前的事件和活动,现在每年都会继续举办。德国的传统是在圣诞节前要把一个房间锁住。所以,费恩,你知道在那间屋子里会发生什么吗?选项有a)用来准备圣诞蛋糕——湿润的面包上布满了水果。b)装饰圣诞树,把礼物放在下面。c)在古时候这间屋子是用来饲养圣诞大餐上吃的火鸡。 Finn: To breed a turkey! That's really interesting! But I think Stollen cake is German so I’m going to say a) where they made the Stollen cake. 饲养火鸡!太有趣了!但我觉得在德国是准备圣诞蛋糕,所以我选择a)用来制作圣诞蛋糕。 Rob: I love Stollen cake. OK - I’ll let you know the answer later on. So let’s talk more about Christmas and what it means to different people. For some people it’s a religious occasion. 好的。我喜欢圣诞蛋糕,稍后我会告诉你答案。所以继续谈论圣诞节以及圣诞节对不同的人意味着什么。对有些人来讲这是一个具有宗教色彩的节日。 Finn: Some people believe this is when Jesus Christ was born – so it’s a sort of birthday celebration. People might go to a church service and sing carols – now those are the traditional Christmas songs. 对一些人来讲这是耶稣的生辰,所以它是庆祝生日的节日。有些人或许会去教堂做礼拜,唱颂歌——那是传统的圣诞歌曲。 Rob: Other people like to just let their hair down – or have a good time – because it is the middle of the cold, dark winter – although not everywhere. 一些人只是尽情的玩耍——因为这时正是寒冷、黑暗的冬季——尽管并不是所有地方的人们都这样。 Finn: Indeed. It’s the middle of the summer in Australia, so some people celebrate with a barbeque on the beach. 的确。在澳大利亚圣诞节刚好在盛夏,所以人们在海滩吃烧烤大餐来庆祝节日。 Rob: But I quite like it being cold and dark here in the UK – it feels special decorating the house with lights and candles. And it’s a good excuse for staying indoors and eating and drinking! 但在英国我非常喜欢在又冷又暗的季节过圣诞节——感觉用灯光和蜡烛装饰的屋子很特别。而且这是呆在家里吃吃喝喝的好借口! Finn: I guess the thing that most people do at Christmas is catch up with friends and family. Well, that’s what I do. 我猜在圣诞节大多数人和朋友、家人在一起。好吧,我就是这样的。 Rob: Me too. Well, let’s find out what Christmas means to other people. Listen out for the words they use to describe their feelings. 我也是。让我们来看看圣诞节对其他人意味着什么。一起来听听他们是怎么描述他们的感觉的。 Man 1: I suppose Christmas is a time where I feel hopeful for what lies ahead; feel thankful for what I have both materially received and also for the good times that we’ve had; and then joyous I suppose, as well. 我认为圣诞节让我对未来充满希望;感恩我在物质上收到的礼物以及我们一起度过的美好时光;我觉得还有开心。 Woman: Relaxed, happy, fat! 放松,高兴,变胖! Man 2: Three words to describe Christmas I suppose is: family first of all; holidays, going back home, and thirdly, I suppose, community, getting together, usually at home, in the pub with friends from around the neighbourhood and that sort of thing. So those are the three words that describe Christmas. 我觉得描述圣诞节的三个词是:首先是家庭;假期可以回家,第三就是团体,大家通常在家里聚在一起或者和邻近的朋友聚在酒吧,诸如此类的事情。这就是我用三个词描述的圣诞节。 Rob: Some interesting words there. The first man said he felt hopeful – so, he’s feeling good about the future. 有一些有趣的词汇。第一个人说他觉得充满希望的。所以,他对未来的感觉良好。 Finn: And he felt thankful – grateful for what he had received. He felt thankful for the material things he has and he’s also thankful for the good times he’s had. I’ll drink to that! 而且他感恩——感激他所得到的。他对收到的礼物很感恩,他也对他所拥有的美好时光感恩。我要为这一点喝一杯! Rob: Ha! That’s something you can say to mean you agree with what someone says. Another word he used was joyous – meaning full of happiness. 哈!这就说你同意有些人的说法。他用的另一个词是开心——意思是充满幸福。 Finn: We also heard from other people using positive words like happy and relaxed. Someone said they felt fat – probably because of stuffing themselves with food. 其他人也用了像高兴和放松这样积极的词汇来描述圣诞节。有人说他们觉得自己变胖了——很可能是因为吃了太多的食物。 Rob: Someone else said, to them, Christmas meant family and going home for a holiday too. And they said community. 还有人说圣诞节意味着家庭,放假回家。他们还说到团体。 Finn: A community is a group of people who have common interests, and often because they live in the same area – the same neighbourhood. 团体是指一群有共同兴趣的人,而且他们通常居住在同一片区域——同一个街区。 Rob: And he said a good place for the community to come together is at the pub – that’s a very British place where you can socialise over a drink or two. In fact, I think I might head to the pub now Finn. 他说团体一起去的好地方就是酒吧——这是很具有英国特色的地方,你可以一边喝酒一边社交。费恩我觉得我现在直接去酒吧。 Finn: A good idea Rob. But what about the answer to today’s question first? 罗伯好主意。但是我们先来说说今天问题的答案怎样? Rob: Ah yes. Earlier I asked you if you knew what happens in a room that in German tradition is locked before Christmas. Is it to…?a) prepare the Stollen cake, a moist bread filled with fruit. b) decorate the tree, and put presents underneath. or c) in olden days, to breed a turkey for the Christmas feast. 是的。之前我问你是否知道在德国的传统里,圣诞节开始前锁上的一个屋子是用来做什么的。是...?a)用来准备圣诞蛋糕——湿润的面包上布满了水果。b)装饰圣诞树,把礼物放在下面。c)在古时候这间屋子是用来饲养圣诞大餐上吃的火鸡。 Finn: And I said a) it’s where they prepare the Stollen cake. 我选的是a)用来准备水果圣诞蛋糕的地方。 Rob: It’s a nice idea but you are wrong. 这是一个很好的主意,但是你错了。 Finn: Was it the turkey? 难道是火鸡? Rob: No, the room is actually locked just to decorate the tree and put presents underneath. 不是,这个屋子锁起来只是为了装饰圣诞树,把礼物放下面。 Finn: Really?! I prefer the "turkey" answer. 真的吗?!我更喜欢“养火鸡”的答案。 Rob: Quite a nice tradition anyway. By the way, here’s your present. Happy Christmas! 不管怎样这是一个很好的传统。顺便说一句,这是你的礼物。圣诞节快乐! Finn: (unwrapping) Thanks Rob… it’s a dictionary. (打开)谢谢罗伯...是一本字典。 Rob: Yes, it could come in useful. It’s the thought that counts! 是的,它可能会有用。思想才是最重要的! Finn: Thank you Rob. Yes I need to improve my vocabulary! 谢谢你了罗伯。是的,我需要增加我的词汇量! Rob: Well, that’s it for this 6 Minute English. Please check out our website at www.bbclearningenglish.com. And join us again next week for more 6 Minute English. 好了,以上就是这期BBC英语六分钟的内容了。请点击我们的网站 www.bbclearningenglish.com。请记得收听我们下期的节目。 Both: Bye. 再见。 That was 6 Minute English from BBC Learning English dot com. 以上是bbclearningenglish.com英语六分钟节目。 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20170714/475376.html