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微笑待人 Smile to Other

Many years ago, when people wanted to send things, they needed to go to the post office and then it took a few days to let other people receive them. But with the development of the society, today the deliver industry develops very fast. People can receive their products in a short time. There are many deliver guys to deliver customers’ packages in time, no matter it is rain or hot. Some people are very impolite when they receive the package. They get angry for getting the package not in time. So they give the long face to the deliver guys. We should be considerate, and smile always works better than anger.  很多年前,人们想寄东西的时候,他们需要去邮局,然后过了一段以后别人才能收到物品。但随着社会的发展,如今,快递行业发展得非常快,人们可以在短时间内就收到包裹。有许多快递员为了给顾客及时送包裹,无论下雨还是烈日当空都在不停地工作。不过有些人是非常不礼貌的,他们没有及时收到包裹的话就会生气。所以他们给快递员板着脸。我们应该多替别人,想,微笑总是比愤怒更有效。 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20170709/Smile-to-Other.html