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妈妈的爱 Mother's Love

It has been admitted that mother’s love is the greatest, because they give birth to us and never ask anything from us. Some people take this kind of love for granted. They do many things to hurt the one who loves them most. How can we do this? I just want to say that before our mother becomes old, we still can do things to treat them well. 大家都认为母爱是最伟大的,母亲给了我们生命,却从来不向我们索取任何东西。有些人认为这种爱是理所当然的。做了很多事情伤害这个最爱他们的人。我们怎么可以这样子呢?我只想说在我们的母亲还没老去之前,我们还是可以做一些事情来好好对待她们。 When we were kids, it was our mother that companied us all the time, and they took care of everything. The common problem for the kids is picky about the food. It is one of the annoyed problems for mothers. According to the news report, a mother who was from America was annoyed by this problem all the time, so she learned to make the food with all kinds of cartoon images. When her child saw them, he was so happy and ate up the food.  当我们还是孩子的时候,我们的母亲一直陪伴着我们,照料着一切。孩子们的常见问题是挑食。这也是母亲最烦恼的问题之一。据一则新闻报道,一位美国的母亲受到了这个问题的困扰,她就学着去把食物弄成各种各样的卡通图片形状。当她的孩子看到这些样式时,高兴极了,就把食物吃光光了。 A mother can do everything to make her children be happy. Though my mother couldn’t do all kinds of delicious food for me, she tries hard to make me eat more. When I hear some people complain about their parents, I feel sorry for them, because they don’t know the meaning of gratitude.  一个母亲能付出所有就只为了让她的孩子们高兴。虽然我妈妈不会为我做各种各样的美味食物,但是她会努力让我多吃一点。当我听到一些人抱怨他们父母的时候,我为他们感到难过,因为他们不知道感恩的意义。 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20170708/Mothers-Love.html