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美国语文第三册 第87期:雪鸟之歌

The ground was all covered with snow one day, 有一天白雪覆盖了大地, And two little sisters were busy at play, 两个小姐妹正玩得忘乎所以; When a snowbird was sitting close by on a tree, 这时候一只雪鸟停在旁边的树上, And merrily singing his chick-a-de-dee. 嘀呖呖嘀呖呖愉快地歌唱。 He had not been singing that tune very long 他的音调并不太长, Ere Emily heard him, so loud was his song; 被艾米丽听到之前,他正高声歌唱; "O sister, look out of the window!" said she; 她说“噢,姐姐,你看看窗外的树上!” Here's a dear little bird singing chick-a-de-dee. 有只可爱的小鸟嘀呖呖嘀呖呖在欢唱。” Poor fellow! he walks in the snow and the sleet, 可怜的小家伙!他走在雨雪里, And has neither stockings nor shoes on his feet: 脚上没有袜子也没有鞋子; I wonder what makes him so full of his glee; 我想知道是什么让他充满欢乐, He's all the time singing his chick-a-de-dee. 总是嘀呖呖嘀呖呖不停唱着歌。 If I were a barefooted snowbird, I know, 我知道,如果我是雪鸟光着脚丫, I would not stay out in the cold and the snow; 我才不会待在寒冷的雪地里任风吹雨打; I pity him so! oh, how cold he must be! 我多么同情他!噢,他一定冷得不行! And yet he keeps singing his chick-a-de-dee. 可是他仍然嘀呖呖嘀呖呖地唱个不停。 O mother; do get him some stockings, and shoes, 噢,妈妈,请给他穿上鞋袜和袍子, And a nice little frock, and a hat if he choose: 如果他愿意再让他挑一顶帽子; I wish he'd come into the parlor, and see 我希望他能来到我们的会客室, How warm we would make him, poor chick-a-de-dee! 看看我们可以让他感到多么温暖,可怜的嘀呖呖! The bird had flown down for some sweet crumbs of bread, 雪鸟飞下来去啄地上的甜面包渣, And heard every word little Emily said: 他听见了艾米丽说的每一句话; "What a figure I'd make in that dress" thought he, 他想:“要是我穿上那条裙子会是什么样子?” And laughed as he warbled his chick-a-de-dee. 他一边笑一边轻声唱着他的嘀呖呖。 "I am grateful," said he, for the wish you express, “我很感激,”他说,谢谢你们的好意, But have no occasion for such a fine dress; 但是那么漂亮的裙子对于我实在不合时宜; I rather remain with my little limbs free, 我宁愿光着我的脚丫自由自在, Than to hobble about, singing chick-a-de-dee. 胜过唱着嘀呖呖却一瘸一拐。 There is One, my dear child, though I can not tell who, 亲爱的小孩,曾经有一个人,虽然我不能说是谁, Has clothed me already, and warm enough, too. 曾经给我穿上过衣服既暖和又美; Good morning! Oh, who are so happy as we? 早上好!噢,谁有我们这么快乐? And away he flew, singing his chick-a-de-dee. 他飞走了,唱着他那嘀呖呖的歌。 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20170302/440734.html