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美国语文第三册 第86期:印第安玉米(02)

The moisture and earthy matter, drawn through the roots, become sap. 玉米的根从土壤里吸取水分和养分,成为树液, This passes through the stalk, and enters the leaves. 经由茎部传输到叶子。 There a great change takes place which results in the starting of the ears and the growth of the grain. 这为植物带来巨大的变化,因此得以抽穗,最终长出颗粒。 The maize plant bears two kinds of flowers,—male and female. 玉米开的花有两种——雄花和雌花。 The two are widely separated. 两种花很不一样,雄花呈穗状; The male flowers are on the tassel; the fine silk threads which surround the ear, and peep out from the end of the husks, are the female flowers. 而那种围绕着包谷生长并在包皮的末端隐约露出的丝一样的细线,就是雌花。 Each grain on the cob is the starting point for a thread of silk; 玉米穗轴上的每一个颗粒都是一束丝状雌花的起点, and, unless the thread receives some particle of the dust which falls from the tassel flowers, the kernel with which it is connected will not grow. 除非花束获得来自于穗状雄花的微粒,否则它所连接的内核就无法成长。 The many uses of Indian corn and its products are worthy of note. 印第安玉米及其产品的广泛用途值得详细注解: The green stalks and leaves make excellent fodder for cattle. 绿色的玉米茎和叶子是喂牛的好饲料。 The ripe grain is used all over the earth as food for horses, pigs, and poultry. 成熟的玉米粒在全世界都被广泛用作饲料,喂养马、猪、家禽等。 Nothing is better for fattening stock. 它还是最好的积肥用料。 Green corn, or "roasting ears," hulled corn and hominy, New England hasty pudding, and succotash are favorite dishes with many persons. 嫩玉米、烤或煮熟的玉米、去皮玉米、玉米粥、新英格兰玉米粉糊或是豆煮玉米是许多人们的最爱。 Then there are parched corn and pop corn—the delight of long winter evenings. 还有烘烤玉米片和爆米花,在漫漫冬夜里为人们带来欢乐。 Corn starch is an important article of commerce. 玉米淀粉是一种重要的商品。 Sirup and sugar are made from the juice of the stalk, and oil and alcohol from the ripened grain. 玉米茎的汁液是提炼糖和糖浆的原料。成熟的玉米粒是油和酒精的来源。 Corn husks are largely used for filling mattresses, and are braided into mats, baskets, and other useful articles. 玉米的包皮用途也很广泛,它可以是床垫的填充物,或者经过编织成为各种垫子、篮子和其他用品。 Thus it will be seen how varied are the uses of Indian corn. 由此可见,印第安玉米全身都是宝。 And besides being so useful, the plant is very beautiful. 它不但用途多样,还是一种美丽的植物。 The sight of a large cornfield in the latter part of summer, 盛夏时节,一望无际的玉米地, with all its green banners waving and its tasseled plumes nodding, is one to admire, and not to be forgotten. 绿色的叶子像旗帜一样迎风飞舞,流苏璎珞般的包谷随风点头,这是多么赏心悦目而又令人难忘的景色! 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20170302/440733.html