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美国语文第三册 第84期:无礼的小公鸡

There was once a pretty chicken; 从前有只漂亮的小公鸡, But his friends were very few, 他的朋友却没几个; For he thought that there was nothing in the world but what he knew: 因为他认为这个世界上没有什么是他不知道的; So he always, in the farmyard , 所以在农家小院里, Had a very forward way, 总看见他直冲向前大言不惭 Telling all the hens and turkeys 告诉所有母鸡和火鸡, What they ought to do and say. 什么该说,什么该干。 "Mrs. Goose," he said, 他说:“鹅太太,” I wonder that your goslings you should let 我想你太不应该,让小鹅们到外面玩耍; Go out paddling in the water; 他们在水里扑腾嬉戏, It will kill them to get wet. 全身湿透随时会没命的呀。 I wish, my old Aunt Dorking, 我希望,我亲爱的道根鸡阿姨, He began to her, one day, 有一天,他又对道根鸡开口: "That you wouldn't sit all summer 你不要整个夏天都坐着不动, In your nest upon the hay. 老在干草上蹲窝有什么意思! Won't you come out to the meadow, 难道你就不想在草地上走走? Where the grass with seeds is filled?" 那里多的是种子藏在草里。 "If I should," said Mrs. Dorking, “如果我走开,”道根鸡阿姨回答他, "Then my eggs would all get chilled. “那我的蛋全都会冻死。 "No, they won't," replied the chicken, “不,它们不会的,”小公鸡接话, "And no matter if they do; 就算它们冻坏也没问题。 Eggs are really good for nothing; 那些蛋一点好处也没有, What's an egg to me or you? 对你对我又有什么意义? "What's an egg!" said Mrs. Dorking, “蛋有什么意义!”道根鸡大声说, Can it be you do not know 它可以是你不知道的一切。 You yourself were in an eggshell 你可知短短一个月之前的自己, Just one little month ago? 还在蛋壳里没来到这个世界? And, if kind wings had not warmed you, 如果不是有慈爱的翅膀给你温暖, You would not be out to-day, 今天你就不会在这里出现, Telling hens, and geese, and turkeys, 对着母鸡、火鸡和鹅妈妈, What they ought to do and say! 说它们什么该说,什么该干!” To be very wise, and show it, 做个聪明人到处炫耀, Is a pleasant thing, no doubt; 毫无疑问你会感觉愉快; But, when young folks talk to old folks, 可是当年轻人面对长者说话, They should know what they're about. 最好他们说的东西要自己先明白。” 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20170301/440399.html