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每天听一点新闻 第1期:心形表情符成为最火英文单词

Heart Emoji is Top English “Word” The heart emoji, an electronic picture meaning love, has been identified as the top word used in 2014, according to the Global Language Monitor. The symbol for love or heart was used over 1 billion times a day in2014.This is the first time in history that a symbol has appeared as a top English word on this annual list. The GLM uses the Internet and print sources to identify the most used words and phrases. Other words that placed in the top 15, included hashtag, vape, Ebola and photo bomb. 1.Global Language Monitor 全球语言监测机构 It is the language of free traders and inventive entrepreneurs such as the staff of the Global Language Monitor. 它是“全球语言监测公司”的职员之类的自由贸易者和有才能的企业家的语言。 2.identify as 确定为 The immune system would then identify as intruders and trigger a local inflammation in the arteries, the walls get thickened and inflate. 免疫系统会识别口腔细菌为入侵者,并且引发动脉的炎症,动脉壁会变厚并且膨胀。 3.according to 根据 The van raced away, according to police reports, and police gave chase. 根据警方的报告,这辆货车飞驰而去,警方进行了追赶。 来自:VOA英语网 文章地址: http://www.tingvoa.com/html/20151009/284731.html